Harley and Ivy are back - and Ivy's gotten a new design! Good to know the last one didn't last all that long.

How Our Girls Can Recover From Anything in HARLEY QUINN & POISON IVY #1

HARLEY QUINN & POISON IVY #1 is the start of a new series from DC Comics, hitting the shelves this Wednesday. This miniseries will follow our dynamic duo as they create more chaos for themselves.

Yep. This looks about as chaotic as expected.


Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are back together for their own miniseries – one that’s set to last for six issues. These events directly follow what happened to Poison Ivy (and Harley) during Heroes in Crisis. So there will be spoilers for that event. Consider yourself warned (assuming you’ve been able to spend any time online lately and miss spoilers for that series).

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #1 brings us back to a fan favorite pair; only things aren’t quite the same. Ivy is changed, and she’s struggling to deal with those changes. And we all know that Harley would do anything for Ivy, but what happens when there’s nothing she can do to help?

The title for this first issue has perhaps the most appropriate name ever, ‘Pushing Daisies.’ We know that not all fans received some aspects of the whole Heroes in Crisis plot too well, so it is refreshing to see some fun being made of it.

A split page cover! Scroll down to see the other half.

Jody Houser took the reigns for this new plot, and she did a great job weaving multiple arcs and premises together. This issue had to go through a lot – covering the past (see above), touching upon the current DC event, and of course, giving us a little bit of our favorite couple.

That’s a lot to balance out, but this issue managed to do so. And it had some fun in the process – because our girls are nothing if not chaotically humorous. Though one could argue that this issue had a slightly darker tone than usual, given the circumstances, this is understandable.

This plot looks like it’s going to be touching upon some of the more fascinating sides of Ivy’s character. Parts that are frequently overlooked and ignored (or at least, not shown as often as her fans would like). For that reason alone, this series is going to be one worth watching.

Ivy’s redesign is looking good in the other half of this split cover.

The artwork in this issue was bright, despite the slightly darker tones. It had fun when it could, but also went all out in showing the organic and flora whenever possible. So it indeed was perfect for a plot revolving around Ivy and the woman she cares about more than anything.

Adriana Melo was the lead artist, with Mark Morales doing the inks. Together they created a striking template. Here bold lines met organic in a way that’ll make readers stop and appreciate their work.

Hi-Fi’s colors perfectly supported the lines – they tended towards bold when possible, and even the duller colors seem to have so much life and vibrancy to them. This fit both of our leading ladies very well. Finally, Gabrielle Downie provided the lines – and the little extra touches she threw in really brought it all together.

harley quinn poison ivy dc comics review
A quick rundown of what’s been happening to our girls.

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #1 is an exciting start to this miniseries, and there’s no doubt that the next five issues are going to be a hectic ride. That’s what this pair is best known for, after all. The somber elements were appreciated, as were the pure Harley moments that balanced them out. Now we just need to see where this plot is going to lead us. Any theories?

Cat Wyatt
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Harley and Ivy are back - and Ivy's gotten a new design! Good to know the last one didn't last all that long. How Our Girls Can Recover From Anything in HARLEY QUINN & POISON IVY #1