‘Gotham’ Will See Fish Mooney Resurrected

Remember when Gotham‘s Ben McKenzie hinted at the return of dead characters? Well, more information has come to light on who will be resurrected first.

TVLine has reported that Jada Pinkett Smith has signed on to return as Fish Mooney, an original character from season one. TVLine claims to have confirmation from the studio:

A rep for the Fox drama confirmed Smith’s return but declined to provide details about how the crime boss will resurface.

While the Fox rep didn’t say how Mooney will return, the report does leave a pretty strong hint:

Especially when the folks at Indian Hill are conducting such Strange experiments.

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Long time Batman fans will pick up on the Hugo Strange reference. Strange is a long time villain of the Caped Crusader, dating back to 1940. He is one of the few rogues who has been able to deduce the hero’s secret identity as Bruce Wayne.

Comicbook.com had previously reported that actor BD Wong will be playing the mad scientist on the show, starting this season.

Hugo Strange Gotham

Gotham returns to Fox on Monday, February 29.

Anthony Composto - EIC
Anthony Composto - EIC
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