Five Things Fans Need To Know About The New Season Of ‘Ballers’

HBO’s highly successful comedy Ballers returns this Sunday for its third season, and here are five things fans need to know to get ready.


Spencer Is Still Trying Score That “Big Deal.”

One common thread throughout the first two seasons is Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) is always searching for that bigger and better deal. Season 3 centers around the real life story line of the Oakland Raiders relocating to Vegas. Strasmore is attempting to secure financing for the deal which may depend on a Casino owner named Wayne Hastings (Steve Guttenberg).


Guttenberg Can Be Quite Sinister

Audiences are used to seeing Guttenberg play either the nice guy from Police Academy or the man who saves everyone from radio active spiders. In this season of Ballers, he plays such a rich asshole that Johnson’s character has to woo him in order to close one of the biggest deals ever. Seeing him in this role is helluva a lot of fun.

This Season Seems Flashier And The Stars Are Bigger

It appears that this season the producers of Ballers have upped their game and made the sets seem more lavish and the main characters of the show get to play with more expensive toys. This show has the same allure that Entourage once had. Fans aren’t tuning in to hear witty banter. They want to see hot girls and kick ass cars. The guest stars are bigger than they were in the 2nd season. In the first episode, Stephen Curry makes a cameo and offers to meet with Strasmore to talk business.

It wouldn’t be ‘Ballers’ without the players pushing the limits

Vernon (Donovan W. Carter) and Reggie (London Brown) end up scoring an endorsement for a clothing line that promotes smoking weed, and the NFL is livid. When Vernon refuses to step away from his commitment to the clothing line it threatens his career.


Season Three is as funny if not at points funnier than the previous two season. There is a reason why this show is such a draw, and it’s the charisma of Johnson. His presence is an instant bonus for fans. The rest of the cast is fairly standard, but the show is great fun and worth your time.

Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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