Five Comics Outside Of February’s ‘Top 100’ That Deserve More Attention

DC Comics dominated another month of comic book sales to no one’s surprise. Although they didn’t have the top selling book of the month, it’s pretty clear who the #1 “Big Dog” is right now. After reviewing Comichron’s sales estimates for February 2017, a few titles caught my eye as criminally under sold. Here are five comics outside of February’s Top 100 that deserve more attention.

New Super-Man Comics

New Super-Man (131 in Units, 160 in Dollars)

Writer Gene Luen Yang has tapped into something spectacular. His series has achieved so much already in less than ten issues. Kenan Kong, and the Justice League Of China, have quickly established themselves as heroes to pay attention to. New Super-Man is an underrated gem, one of the best DC Rebirth comic book series thus far. It’s a fun, action-packed, emotional joy ride. Yang is taking Kenan through an alternate route to becoming a “Superman”, get on board now.


US Avengers Comics

U.S.Avengers (111 in Units, 111 in Dollars)

The current state of Marvel Comics isn’t one that everybody is celebrating. Their sales numbers reflect a confused fan base, struggling to sort through this messy line of comic books. U.S.Avengers is a team of lesser-known heroes, assembled against the more ridiculous forces of evil. So far, writer Al Ewing has delivered a solid, over the top superhero team that patriotically protects and serves. The first arc was a lighthearted, and rather hilarious, introduction to the characters led by Roberto Da Costa. If you’ve ever wondered how entertaining a G.I. JOE-style Avengers team would be, this book is your answer.


Black Science comics

Black Science (185 in Units, 179 in Dollars)

Rick Remender’s science fiction epic for Image Comics is about to reach it’s 29th issue. We’re well past the honeymoon phase, this is one of the best comics currently being published. This may be one of those books you usually “wait for the trade”, but you should reconsider that. Black Science is a triumph in both story and art, a masterpiece of comic book entertainment. Remender and Matteo Scalera combine to deliver a seemingly unlimited amount of worlds, characters, creatures, and concepts for readers to explore.


Star-Lord Comics

Star-Lord (149 in Units, 150 in Dollars)

Guardians Of The Galaxy fans haven’t been getting too many worthwhile comics recently. The film’s success has had a negative impact on the comic books for some time. That isn’t the case for Chip Zdarksy’s Star-Lord. Although still a young series in number, Zdarksy has already delivered the best interpretation of Peter Quill since 2014. Still operating within the Chris Pratt-inspired guidelines, this series manages to be a hilariously-entertaining struggle for the cosmic-hero trying to find his place while stranded on Earth.


Nova Comics

Nova (115 in Units, 113 in Dollars)

Rich Rider has finally returned to split his Nova duties with fellow Corps member, Sam Alexander. Writer Jeff Loveness has been brilliantly balancing the two heroes within each issue. Nova jumps from Sam’s awkward high school dilemmas, to Rich’s troubling adjustment returning to the land of the living; all with plenty of Nova Corps action in between.

Which comics do you think deserve more attention? Which Top 100 books do you think are overrated? Have you been enjoying these five books listed above? Let us know in the comments below!

Brandon J. Griffin
Brandon J. Griffin
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