Exclusive Preview: InterPop’s #ZoeMG #2

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#ZoeMG #2 is out now, and Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive four-page preview of the debut issue, courtesy of InterPop!

About the book:
#ZoeMG #2 kicks off immediately after Zoe’s startling discovery in Denny Goodwin’s apartment. Just why is Zoe’s face among the Nine? Zoe’s search for answers involves a team-up with her brother to break into the EFL, where a flying new Emergent, Kindler, tempts the Ng siblings to join an underground super-powered group called the “Rejects.” As Zoe gets closer to the mystery of the Nine and the shocking events at the conclusion of The Nine #3, she’ll uncover more than she bargained for.

The series is by writer Danielle Paige, artist PJ Kaiowá, colorist Yenny Laud, and letterer Sal Cipriano. The main cover is by Kaiowá, with the first variant by Julian Lopez dropping next week, and the second variant by Adrián Gutiérrez following after.

Issue #2 went on sale digitally this week as a limited edition NFT*. Purchasing this edition will enable you to participate in the latest vote to determine the future of the storyline. There are 500 limited edition copies available, and ten editions of each variant cover.

Check out our preview of #ZoeMG #2 right here:

#zoemg interop exclusive preview comics

#zoemg interop exclusive preview comics

#zoemg interop exclusive preview comics

#zoemg interop exclusive preview comics

#zoemg interop exclusive preview comics

#zoemg interop exclusive preview comics#zoemg interop exclusive preview comics


You can read #ZoeMG Issue #1 for FREE here if you need to catch up!

*InterPop sells their Emergents Universe comics (and limited variant covers) as NFTs, and also offers free-to-read versions of the stories that are accessible to anyone and don’t require any purchase. Issues will first be sold as NFTs and then in the following weeks will be released in segments as free-to-read stories. All of InterPop’s comics are available to purchase and read on https://interpopcomics.com/home

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