Exclusive Preview: AGENTS OF ATLAS #2 – Greg Pak Unleashes Chaos In PAN

Agents of Atlas #2 hits your local comic book store next week, but thanks to Marvel Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive five-page preview of Greg Pak’s saga.

Marvel seems to be spinning a bunch of fun titles out of War of The Realms, and Agent’s of Atlas might easily be the best one yet. It’s a nice little corner of the MU being showcased here if you are looking for something different and fun. – Manuel Gomez

Agents of Atlas #2 is written by Pak, with art by Nico Leon & Pop Mhan, colors by Federico Blee, and Joe Sabino’s letters. Junggeun Yoon worked on the cover, with a variant cover by Sabine Rich.

About the issue:
Through stunning science-magic teleportation tech, the visionary named ISAAC IKEDA has connected slices of neighborhoods from a dozen different Asian cities into the cross-Asian portal city of Pan. Is this new utopia a glorious pan-Asian multicultural dreamworld, free trade mecca, and tourism experience? Or is it a violation of hundreds of local and international laws, a magnet for monsters and maniacs, and a dangerous social experiment about to explode? AMADEUS CHO and the AGENTS OF ATLAS, as Pan’s new protectors, are about to find out! Also: Love is in the air! Which two Agents are about to melt the ice?

What did you think of the first issue of Agents of Atlas? Comment below with your thoughts.

TAKE YOUR FIRST LOOK AT Agents of Atlas #2

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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