DOMINO: KILLER INSTINCT is a very fun, very accessible entry point for people who saw DEADPOOL 2 and want to start reading Marvel's good luck mutant.


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DOMINO: KILLER INSTINCT Review – Perfect For Fans New and Old

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Domino: Killer Instinct is a very fun, very accessible entry point for people who saw Deadpool 2 and want to start reading Marvel’s good luck mutant.

The trade paperback is out November 7th and collects Domino volume 3, issues 1-6. The story is written by Gail Simon, drawn by David Baldeón & Michael Shelfer (with Anthony Piper), colored by Jesus Aburtov, and lettered by Clayton Cowles. Greg Land, Frank D’armata, and Jay Leisten did the covers. Chris Robinson edits the series.

In Killer Instinct, Domino crosses paths with a villain who can turn off her good luck powers. Along with her friends Outback and Diamondback, Neena has to get a handle on her powers and come to terms with who she is.

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I saw Simone speak at MegaCon within the last few years, and she said the worst thing a story can be is boring. Her Domino is most certainly not boring. It’s a fun, action-packed, romp. It’s got laughs, explosions, and martial arts fights, plus it’s an interesting character study with heart and tragedy. There are some character-defining moments for Domino in here that cut straight to your heart. The tragedy extends to Neena’s new foes as well. They’re the best kind of villains – the kind who aren’t just evil for evil’s sake. They’re actually victims themselves who you can almost feel bad for. Almost.

The story works for fans new and old. If you’ve never read a Domino comic before, Killer Instinct is a solid overview of who she is. It shows her personality, her abilities, and it even digs into her origin. But by taking away her powers, deconstructing her, and actually adding to her origin, Simone provides a fresh experience for even the most hardcore X-fans. This will go down as one of the “must-read” Domino stories.

However, will all respect to Gail Simone, David Baldeón’s art elevates this story to the next level. His action sequences are full of motion and power; they’re a joy to read. But his real talent is in facial expressions. His ability to convey emotion or make you laugh through faces is reminiscent of Kevin Maguire’s. Aburtov’s colors in turn elevate the work yet another level. They’re bright and vibrant, and add an extra punch of power when needed.

Domino: Killer Instinct is about finding yourself and learning that you don’t have to go through life alone. It’s also a kick-ass action comic that you’ll want to revisit. The X-Men books are in a renaissance right now, and this book has been a big part of that. If you missed out on the single issues, don’t make the same mistake for the trade.

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