Stranger Things: Into the Fire #3 is a disturbing tale of test subjects, medicating, and abandonment. All supported by elegant themes and color palettes.

Determination and Grit in STRANGER THINGS: INTO THE FIRE #3

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STRANGER THINGS: INTO THE FIRE #3, out this week from Dark Horse, continues the dramatic tale of Nine and Ten. They were once part of the same program that created Eleven. Only their fate isn’t as easy to follow.

Jamie is looking a wee bit disturbing in this cover of Stranger Things: Into the Fire #3.


Stranger Things: Into the Fire is a four-part miniseries, giving the focus to the subjects that came before Eleven. Specifically, it focuses on the two directly before her: Nine and Ten. As twin sisters, you’d think they both had the same gifts.

You’d be wrong. One carried all of the talent, while the other seemingly came along for the ride. Now the tables have turned, with the second sister determined to find and save her sister, no matter the cost.

The sisters are together once again on this alternate cover of Stranger Things: Into the Fire #3.

The Writing

Stranger Things: Into the Fire #3 is a fascinating read. This is an issue that takes all of that building tension and turns it explosively outward. Almost literally, as the case may be. Yet Marcy is more determined than ever to find her lost sister.

We all know that Dr. Brenner is a monster, yes? Or rather, was. We don’t need to have that fact reinforced. Yet that is exactly what happens, the more we dig into the past of this facility. As it turns out, Eleven was not the only one traumatized by her success.

For her success made the rest redundant. And redundancy is as good as dead when you have somebody like Dr. Brenner in charge of your fate. That is the story that unfolds on the pages. Or at least, it’s part of the story.

Then again, we’ve learned so much about the past subjects. Through comics and books, and flashbacks. We know they’re survivors. Through sheer determination and more than a little bit of luck. That is the story that Jody Houser has built onto here. A tale of how these characters have managed to survive incredible odds.

Granted, since there’s still one more issue left, we don’t actually know if they survive. Nothing is a given in this world. We learned that lesson the hard way during the last series. Yet, there’s something very human about the struggle. A fact made clear in this issue.

A heartbreaking scene can be found on this alternate cover of Stranger Things: Into the Fire #3.

The Art

Stranger Things: Into the Fire #3 provides memorable and iconic artwork. It’s a perfect match for the rest of the series we’ve seen thus far. Though admittedly the tone and colors may look slightly different if you’re expecting the Netflix series.

The creative team involved in this project is not a small one. Ryan Kelly (pencils), Le Beau Underwood (inks), Triona Farrell (colors), and Nate Piekos of Blambot (letters) all worked together to bring this series to life.

While the majority of this series has been creatively designed, the true highlight of the series has to be the imagery surrounding Jamie – the psychokinetic twin. There’s something beautiful and elegant about it, all while being utterly disturbing. It’s exactly what this series needed.


In Conclusion

Stranger Things: Into the Fire #3 continues Marcy’s quest to find and free her sister. Only, things never go according to plan. Not for the subjects of this particular lab. With only one issue left to resolve this plot, it’ll be fascinating to see how these two sisters reunite.

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