Decorum #1 is a creative feast for the eyes, full of bold style decisions and character introductions.

DECORUM #1 Begins A Tale of Assassins and Runners

DECORUM #1, out this Wednesday from Image Comics, is the start of an all-new series. One as full of assassins as danger and chaos. This is a series to check out if you’ve been seeking something bright yet gritty.

Decorum #1 features the polite assassin herself, and the girl about to get wrapped up in this mess.


What do you picture, when you think of assassins? Odds are pretty good that whatever you’re picturing, it’s not what you’re about to get in Decorum. This a tale of assassins, yes. In particular, it’s about one assassin.


A rather polite one. So we would strongly urge against breaking any rules or etiquette while she’s around. Unless you’re her target, in which case there’s really no hope for you anyway, so do whatever you feel compelled to do. Because odds are good it’ll be the last thing you do.

Decorum is a brand new series written by Jonathan Hickman. On the visual side of things, you’ll find Mike Huddleston as the artist, and Rus Wooton as the letterer. Together they’ve gone above and beyond in portraying a poised and dangerous assassin.

This alternate of Decorum #1 hints at some of the variety in artwork that can be found inside the pages.

The Writing

Decorum #1 is one of the strongest examples of creative storytelling you’ll find this year. There are so many clever little moments strewn about this issue, from the introduction itself to the multiple forms of storytelling used.

All of it combined into a dramatic introduction to the series. In many ways, this issue felt like it carried with it multiple stories. There are elements and connections yet to be fully revealed to the readers. Yet it’s intriguing, all the same, leaving us eager to see how it all fits into the greater picture.

The first several pages are mostly visual in storytelling, which was an interesting choice. But it also allowed the artists to really shine, while giving us scenes full of movement and action. Meanwhile, the next page was quite a dramatic change, as we dive more heavily into the written word in order to set the scene.

That, as they say, was only the beginning. There is so much to this issue, but that shouldn’t be any surprise, given that this issue is a whopping fifty-six pages. Imagine how much a creative team can do with that time, and you’ll have a good idea of what you’re in for here.

There are many moments that catch and demand attention in this issue, but it’s perhaps the conclusion that really sells it. That will leave readers wondering what happens next, with this polite assassin and the girl who was just trying to get paid.

This cover for Decorum #1 is as vibrant and alive as the characters within…well, minus her targets.

The Art

Decorum #1 is as unique in the visual department as the writing. The transitions are dramatic, with each element feeling well and truly distinct. There are two major settings in this single issue, and both show off Huddleston’s style, but in different ways.

There’s a lot to appreciate here. The color palette is high on that list, changing dramatically depending on the setting, events, and mood of what is occurring within the main plot. The character designs are another highlight, being both gritty in some cases, yet without a doubt futuristic.

Even the simpler pages show off a high level of design and planning. These pages are further highlight by Wooton’s lettering, which is very carefully placed, enhancing the scenes and making the most of it.

Decorum #1 features strange and brilliant artwork, as you can tell thanks to this full cover.

In Conclusion

Decorum #1 was a fascinating and brilliant start to a new series. It isn’t at all what you would expect, but that is what makes it so brilliant. There’s no telling what this delightful killer is going to do next, but we’re looking forward to finding out.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Decorum #1 is a creative feast for the eyes, full of bold style decisions and character introductions.DECORUM #1 Begins A Tale of Assassins and Runners