Marvel’s ‘X-Men: Death of X’ To Answer Lingering Questions

Today, Marvel released a preview image and information for an upcoming mini-series. X-Men: Death of X takes place during the eight month interim after Secret Wars, and focuses on Cyclops and the lead up to hostile relation between many mutants and Inhumans.

Initial story arcs in several Marvel series reference this incident. Even the younger Scott Summers has been handling fallout of his older self. However, outside of a few snippets, little information is out there to tell us what occurred.

Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule are writing this miniseries. With their history of memorable story arcs, this makes the miniseries a little more intriguing. Many X-Men fans did not enjoy this jarring change in the status quo, particularly with the treatment of Cyclops.

Youtuber Comic Book Girl 19 states her own discontent to how the character’s arc under Brian Michael Bendis is undone entirely.

Whether or not this will absolve the earlier sin remains to be seen. But, at the very least, a few plot holes will receive some needed attention by Marvel. Some fans appear to be initial skeptical to the miniseries, particularly due to Marvel’s row with FOX Studios over film right on the mutants.

Though this does not mean the series will not find some success after its initial release.

Seth Frederiksen
Seth Frederiksen
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