DEADPOOL #1 Is The Weirdest Thing Out This Week


Deadpool #1 is fun, weird, and captivating to say the least. If you like other Kelly Thompson titles like West Coast Avengers, and Mr. and Mrs. X, this is an absolute must.
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Hitting the shelves this week from Marvel Comics, we have Deadpool #1 with all the comedic wackiness you’d expect from its writer Kelly Thompson.

Since revealed on Twitter back in August, fans have long awaited the new Deadpool series with Thompson taking the helm on it. As Thompson seems to be in a high-point in her career, writing for Captain Marvel, her Captain Marvel spin-off titled and staring antagonist Star, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch which was extended past its planned initially five-issue run, the addition of the big Dee Pee has us all dying to see what direction Thompson wants to take with the character.

For starters, Deadpool #1 is certainly weird, and that’s not a bad thing. Starting the first page, and yes, the VERY FIRST PAGE with our “hero” being torn in half and internally monologuing about what it is like to be ripped in half is something that is just classically Deadpool, and a small taste of what is to follow.

DEADPOOL #1 Is The Weirdest Thing Out This Week 1
That definitely looks painful…

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What could be better than seeing a large Shuma-Gorath looking monster rip Wade Wilson in two? Probably watching him put himself back together like he’s putting on a pair of pants and going right back in for more. Fortunately for Wade Wilson in this issue, he’s not the only one out to hunt this monster, but you’ll have to read it to find out who.

Deadpool #1 includes some surprise guests that fans will be happy to see. One, in particular, I was pleased about, but I won’t spoil that for anyone who does not know already. The story is still a fun, and wacky set up to what we can assume will be the running plot for at least the beginning of Thompson’s run with the title.

This issue is full of strange monster designs with an art style by Chris Bachalo that brings out the bizarre energy they give off. I’m an especially big fan of Bellus, who aides Wade in his endeavor to kill the King of the Monsters, and looks like if a Chocobo from Final Fantasy sold its life away for a small-time position at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, and dresses like it too.

DEADPOOL #1 Is The Weirdest Thing Out This Week 2
I love Bellus. I want a Bellus of my own.

The inking team understood the art style very well. They made each character stand out and emphasized the outlines around some of the weird anatomy among the monsters making them seem even more noticeably freakish. To bring it all together, there’s also the excellent job David Curiel did with the coloring, having backgrounds that were grayish and dull that made each colorful character and monster jump out of the pages.

The lettering for Deadpool is important as it delivers a lot of the punch lines in dialogue and what is a Deadpool comic if not funny? I am happy to say VC’s Joe Sabino kills it here with an easy flow of dialogue, keeping a steady pace with all the back and forth banter.

All in all, Deadpool #1 brings us into this strange story with some familiar faces from Thompson’s previous works to put her own flare into the story while keeping it as comical and fun as it should be. I’m very intrigued to see more of this monster-filled tale, and I am positive by the end of this issue, you will be too.

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Samuel Pratt
Samuel Pratt
A more recent interest in comics, Sam really got into the scene by keeping up with Spider-Gwen stories since her inception. Since then Sam has jumped into many different series that he has come to love. Lumberjanes, Giant Days, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Booms! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Captain Marvel, and other mainline Marvel series.


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