DC Rebirth: Beloved DC Comics Character Returns In Superman #6

WARNING – Spoilers For Superman Rebirth #6 Below

In the latest issue of Superman Rebirth, a major supporting character returned to DC Comics. Written by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, with art by Gleason and Mick Gray, Superman #6 introduces Jonathan Kent as Superboy in DC Rebirth. The reveal marked the end of the “Son of Superman” arc that began with Superman #1. Now heading into a new arc fans can look forward to Jonathan Kent’s Superboy making a few heroic saves.

Jonathan Kent Is Superboy In DC Rebirth

The reveal of Superboy came on the final page of Superman #6 with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman looking down at Jonathan suited up, in a pretty stylish new costume. Superman announces his son as the new Superboy. We’re not yet sure what effect Superboy will have on the entire DC Universe, but it’s exciting to think about his influence and future.

DC Rebirth

Introducing Jonathan Kent as the new Superboy opens a lot of doors for DC Rebirth. Fans are clamouring for Superboy to team up with Batman’s son Damien Wayne in the long awaited “Super Sons.”

Superman #6 is currently available at your local comic book shop, or digitally depending on your preference.

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