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Trials, Social Media Justice, Kid Villains, and so much more all in this week’s DC COMICS RAPID FIRE RECAP as Lex Luthor creates Doom in JUSTICE LEAGUE #5 and Scott Free juggles life, apocalyptic war, and happiness in MISTER MIRACLE #10.

Almost every DC Comic, cliffhanger, and plot twist released the week of  August 1, 2018, is going to get SPOILED ROTTEN!  Turn back now, unless you’re done reading for the week OR you simply just don’t care. Too read our full reviews click on the title of each issue.

Spoilers 12

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Bruce Wayne can’t understand how the GCPD managed to miss evidence in an autopsy, but Batman found it. Weird? So,  Bruce spends the issue trying to sway the jury to make Mr. Freeze not guilty. As the issue ends, readers find out that Bruce Wayne thinks Batman’s too vicious…


The evil, cunning, and manipulative genius is back and getting the O.G.’s together again. After a trip one million years into the future to see statues in his name, Lex began to form the Legion of Doom starting with Sinestro and Gorilla Grodd. Luthor’s mission statement: Entropy and Doom!


Scott plans a Birthday Party for Jake and tries to get advice from a cashier. After an issue full of pondering in a daze, Scott finally decides that he’ll “pretend” to give his son to Darkseid and try to kill his adopted daddy in the process.


It’s the “Summer of Super” for Jon and Damian until they run into a “little” bit of trouble. From many light years away, Rex Luthor, Joker Jr, Kid Deadshot, Ice Princess, Shaggy Boy, and Brainiac 6 capture our two kid heroes with mummy wrap and gold kryptonite. How will they get out of his one?


A new vigilante comes on the scene and drops Social Justice with Social Media. Too many “likes”  will get you killed!  Green Arrow and Black Canary arrive late to the Live Stream only to find Kabal Slade decapitated and news that the next person on the Civilian’s hit list is Oliver Queen.


Eon and the Ravagers are battling the GL Corps above the Water Planet Penelo while the Guardians realize the Central Power Battery is not responding to them anymore. Yikes! So, Hal leaves his vacation early to help in the fight. As the issue ends, readers notice that the GL rings appear to be pinning Simon and Jessica against each other with fake news.


Mirage came to Bludhaven pretending to buy up condemned neighborhoods and rebuild them with new age, 3-D, Beta hologram technology. It interfaced with the citizens in an attempt to control the city, uploaded to Nightwing, tried to control him, and have him infect the Superhero community. The mastermind behind it all is a cyber tech-monster named Wyrm. It gets away through the web and heads for Gotham. The fun with Dick and Babs seems to be over for now.


Deathstroke uses his detective skills to track down Batman’s hideout to Wayne Manor. However, he still doesn’t put the pieces together that the Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same. Really? Luckily the lights go out, Bruce changes, and the two duke it out to a draw laying on the floor beaten, bloodied, and bruised. Can’t Deathstroke just be Damian’s Stepdad?


Joe and Annie head to Marienbad West Virginia where they find the Children of the Corn led by some demonic child named Slackjaw. And no; his first name isn’t Cletus. How will they get out of this one without hurting the kids?

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