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The recent Green Lanterns arc has come to a screeching halt.

The Green Lanterns are under attack on two fronts. The first threat comes from deep space in the form of an intergalactic fleet lead by a superbeing named Eon. They begin attacking worlds protected by Green Lanterns and go as far as murdering the space cops. The Lanterns of Earth come to assist, which leads to the second threat. The Green Lanterns’ rings have been working against their wearers. They refuse to send out distress beacons, send Green Lanterns across the galaxy, and have begun to whisper to the wearers to mistrust each other. The Lanterns need help now more than ever. Who will save the corps?

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**Some Spoilers Below**

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Right from the beginning, the story feels off. Despite the last issue ending on Mogo, with the Green Lanterns trying to contain a superstorm, they’re now in space fighting Eon. They continue to fight to protect a planet whose Green Lantern was murdered, while the Guardians investigate the ring disturbance. The Guardians try to approach the central power battery, the source of the green light, but it pushes them back. With the Green Lanterns under fire and the Guardians without a clue, there’s not much hope for the heroes. That is until they get back up from the greatest of all the Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan.

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Hal Jordan’s appearance only affects the issue by inspiring the other Green Lanterns to keep fighting. While that is fine and dandy for the fight scenes, it doesn’t progress the mysteries that are laid out. We are in the third issue of the arc, and we have learned little about Eon and his army, The Ravagers, and nothing about the ring corruption. While this threat is cool, I’m confident that many readers would like to learn WHY the rings are against their wearers. Hopefully, we will see more development in this story going forward.


When it comes to art, it has taken a step up from the previous issues. Marco Santucci has taken over illustrating duties for the arc, and it’s an improvement. He can flex his creative muscles, giving us grand space battles and impressive lantern constructs. Hi-Fi contributes with his masterful colorwork, giving the universe of the Green Lanterns life. This was a nice step up from the last issue, and I hope it goes up from here.

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Despite the improved art, I can’t recommend this comic to anyone. Somehow it feels as if we skipped a chapter yet stay in the exact place we left off the last issue. Whether Dan Jurgens wants to follow the war between Eon and the Green Lanterns or the corrupted rings, we need more development. As of right now, this intergalactic story feels lost in space.

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green-lanterns-52-reviewThe mystery of the corrupted rings has been pushed aside with lack of story-progression.