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The Super Sons return with a bright, fun opening to their new maxi-series.

When Rebirth was first announced, one of the new comics announced was Super Sons. The series followed Damian Wayne and Jon Kent as they went on super adventures. While their series wasn’t a very long one, it is a highlight of this era. The Super Sons’ series reminded us that comics could be fun but have enough emotion driven moments to be taken seriously. The series’ ended in May of this year, but Tomasi has more story to tell. We now have a 12 issue maxi-series that will take the sons of Batman and Superman on a new adventure. What trouble will our Super Sons get into?

Adventure of the super sons #1 cover

**Some Spoilers Below**

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The Super Sons return with a bang as they fight a golden statue of Superman before their last day of school. They plan to go on several adventures over the course of the summer, as Jon is staying with Damian. Before they can truly enjoy the summer, however, a new group of villains appears to face them. Lead by Rex Luthor, the group known as The Gang wants to end the Super Sons once and for all. To defeat Superboy, they reveal their secret weapon: Gold Kryptonite.

Adventures of the Super Sons #1 p1

This was a fun opening issue for the series but had a major flaw holding it back from perfection. The relationship between Superboy and Robin continues to be my favorite part of the series. The fun-loving Jon and ever-serious Damien have such humorous and fun banter; it’s near impossible not to smile. The same goes for everything in this book. The dialogue, the action, the art. All of it gives off the fun vibe that readers of all ages can enjoy.

There is one major flaw with this first issue, despite the fun. The issue felt like a very quick read in terms of storytelling. The action is a ton of fun, but some parts are just skimmed over without explanation. Where are Superman and Lois? Who are these villains? How did they get Gold Kryptonite? This is the first issue, so I don’t expect answers right away, but you can’t just pull out the rarest form of Kryptonite without any explanation.

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As I mentioned before, the art for this issue is just as fun as the story. Carlo Barberi returns as the illustrator, and I can’t imagine anyone else on the job. I especially enjoy his designs for The Gang, mixing threatening but silly in one perfect, cartoony style. The vibrant colors helped these illustrations pop off the page and made the world feel alive.


While it’s a little rough around the edges, this opening to this new Super Sons maxi-series is good. It’s a ton of fun to read, from the dialogue to the action against the villains. The art matches the tone with fantastic illustration and color, promising a bright series ahead. This is a great first issue, and I recommend it.


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