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The Unknown Soldier gets noticed, Atlantis rises, He-Man kicks Bane’s butt, and Cyborg Superman returns all in this week’s DC Comics Rapid Fire Recap as Bruce Wayne shows jurors that Batman’s not the World’s Greatest Detective in BATMAN #53 while over in Scott Snyder’s JUSTICE LEAGUE #6 Lex Luthor breaks almost every bone in Batman’s body. Let’s jump into this week’s DC Comics!

Almost every DC Comic, cliffhanger, and plot twist released the week of  August 15, 2018, is going to get SPOILED ROTTEN!  Turn back now, unless you’re done reading for the week OR you simply just don’t care. Too read our full reviews click on the title of each issue.

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Atlantis has finally risen, Mera is Queen, and Aquaman is already keeping secrets. Amanda Waller sends the Suicide Squad composed of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Lord Satanis, Urcell, and the Master Jailer to take a “magic nuke” into Atlantis and sink it. Aquaman gets a whiff of the plan and heads the Suicide Squad off at the pass. Later, Aquaman creates his own team to track down the remaining Suicide Squad members and stop Waller from sinking Atlantis for good.


This Anniversary issue opens with Batgirl at a funeral for the groom who died in BATMAN #49. It turns out; Batgirl saved this man’s life ten months before from the Scarecrow. She questions what life is all about and visits Dick for a shoulder to cry on.  Afterward, Dick and Babs spend the night, as friends, in Bruce’s Honeymoon Suite since he wasn’t using it anymore.

One week later, Batgirl tracks down one of her villains named Grotesque to a luxurious estate in Burnside. However, Babs arrives too late and finds the family murdered. After a quick fight, Grotesque manages to get away. Finally, this oversized issue ends with Batgirl getting the origin story of March Harriet, which appeared to be nothing more than a robbery gone wrong. Jervis Tetch found Harriet, patched her up, and the rest was history.


Bruce Wayne bribed his way onto a jury against Mister Freeze. It turns out Batman took out his frustrations for a failed engagement on Victor. Thus, the court was going to lock Freeze away for a long time. So, Bruce convinced the jury that Batman was not acting normally and that he too can make mistakes.

Ultimately, Tom King pushed the idea that Batman is not God and that he’s only human.  Thus, the story wraps with the jury voting “Not Guilty” and Bruce attempting to move on. The issue ends with Batman asking Alfred to get his old suit out because his current suit reminds him of Selena.


Ethan Avery wakes up in the hospital with only 10 minutes left until Damage can come out to “play”. As Ethan comes too, the Unknown Soldier is in his hospital room. He’s there to help Ethan escape before Colonel Jonas arrives to use Damage again.

As the Unknown Soldier and Ethan escape, they are attacked by the Handy Man.  Private Avery and the Unknown Soldier make it to the garage right as Damage starts mentally speaking with Ethan. Damage wants to come out, and wreck shop and Ethan is happy to oblige. Thus, the issue ends with Ethan giving in and letting an angry Damage loose. Lucky for him, Colonel Jonas and her team are there for the fight of their lives.


Hal Jordan and Jessica Cruz battle the Ravagers on Penelo while Kyle Rayner and Kilowog attempt to take down the Ravager’s Command Ship. Meanwhile, Guy Gardner battles Eon above the planet of Penelo while Simon Baez’ ring tells him to head to Earth on a secret mission.

Kilowog finds the head Command Ship and blows the communication drone to pieces. Seeing this, Eon flies off to tell his ships to warp away and leave the planet. As the Lanterns save the rest of the inhabitants of Penelo, Simon Baez lands in the artic at the Fortress of Solitude with a message from Superman. However, it’s Cyborg Superman who hacked Simon’s ring to free him from the Fortress.


He-Man goes out for a walkabout to explore  Bludhaven and comes across Bane and Copperhead, two of Wonder Woman’s Suicide Squad members. After quickly taking Bane and Copperhead down, He-Man manages to free the two villains from the Kryptech Brainiac Mind control devices. Later, Prince Adam takes their Kryptech suits and develops a plan of attack.

Meanwhile, on Eternia, Darkseid invaded with his entire force of Apokoplis while Granny Goodness released all of the prisoners from Darksmoke Prison like Evil-Lyn, Tri-klops, and Trap Jaw. Granny planned to remold these He-Man villains in her image. Who will save Eternia while He-Man is helping our Injustice heroes? We’ll have to wait until next issue to find out!


Superman and Martian Manhunter, piloted by Lex Luthor and Joker, make their way to the center of the Totality. Just as Lex is ready to grab the universal power, Batman attaches to his ship and throws Lex out of it. The two battle for Luthor’s Doorknob but Luthor kicks Batman’s butt and teleports everyone outside of the Totality.

Meanwhile, John Stewart realizes that the Justice League needs to accept these ancient forces in order to stop the Legion of Doom. So, the Flash tries to become “one” with the Still Force, John opens up to the Ultraviolet Spectrum, and Martian Manhunter mentally links every human on Earth together. The issue ends with Hawkgirl fighting Luthor inside the Totality in hopes to gain control of the Doorknob.

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