Injustice Vs The Masters Of The Universe #2 Review: Everyone Matters


Darkseid joins the fun, Skeletor has secret plans, and He-Man explores Earth as Tim Seeley continues the battle for the Injustice Universe against an evil Superman tyrant in INJUSTICE VS THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #2. Let’s jump in and see what happened!

WRITTEN BY: Tim Seeley
ART BY: Freddie Williams II
COLORS: Jeremy Colwell
LETTERS: Wes Abbott




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He-Man goes out for a walkabout to explore  Bludhaven and comes across Bane and Copperhead, two of Wonder Woman’s Suicide Squad members. After easily taking Bane and Copperhead down, He-Man manages to free the two villains from the Kryptech Brainiac Mind control devices. Later, Prince Adam takes their Kryptech suits and develops a plan of attack.

Meanwhile, on Eternia, Darkseid invaded with his entire force of Apokoplis while Granny Goodness released all of the prisoners from Darksmoke Prison like Evil-Lyn, Tri-klops, and Trap Jaw. Granny planned to remold these He-Man villains in her image. Who will save Eternia while He-Man is helping our Injustice heroes? We’ll have to wait until next issue to find out!


The Goods

Seeley uses imagination and creativity to make this issue fun, familiar and exciting. Seeley isn’t limited to current continuity and can be as innovative and clever as he wants. For example, Orko’s magic works perfectly in the Injustice DCU as opposed to backward and flawed in Eternia. Heck, Seeley even joked about Orko’s power problems last issue as well as this one.

Seeley also takes a moment to put a refreshing message in this fun, adventurous tale. A woman tries to commit suicide only to be saved by He-Man. Afterward, Prince Adam has a heart to heart with the woman, Regina Taylor. He-Man uses his mother’s tale of determination, perseverance, and hard work to explain to the woman she is valued, and she matters.  Many people may overlook this page as a minor plot point in the issue, but it resonated with this reader and was well received. Our current world can be cold, cruel, and calculated at times. But Seeley is totally right; every life matters. This was so refreshing to see physically written in words.


The Art

Jeremy Colwell’s colors are exceptionally bright, vibrant, and easily lead the reader’s eyes across the page. For a comic universe like Injustice that’s dark and twisted, Colwell’s color choices are cheerful and spirited. However, Freddie Williams’ painted style isn’t quite for me. Williams’ style comes across as two dimensional, sketched, and at times the lines and textures put characters out of proportion. That said, Williams’ art doesn’t throw you out of the story and Wes Abbott’s lettering adds a good rhythm and flow to the story.


Should you buy this issue?

Totally! If you are an Injustice fan, He-Man fan, Seeley fan, or simply enjoy excitingly fun storytelling, this series is for you. Readers get Granny Goodness, Skeletor, Bane, Copperhead, and an evil Superman using Brainiac pre-cognitive technology to control and imprison the world. Orko’s powers work great, and Darkseid is going to take over Eternia. As readers can already assume, He-Man will be fighting Darkseid and Skeletor at some point. It’s only a matter of when.

Should you add this to your pull list?

Absolutely! Seeley could take this series in any direction at any time. Darkseid has entered Eternia and it’s only real protector is in a different multiverse. Also, the Injustice Universe has two Batmen and one that Superman calls the “original” is hooked up to the pre-cognitive Kryptotech from Brainiac. Who knows what Seeley will give readers next? At this point, would anyone be shocked to see the Thundercats make an appearance? Add this series to your pull list for an amazing nostalgic trip down memory lane and an inventive tale that’s simply entertaining and enjoyable.

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