Dan DiDio On DC’s Walmart Exclusive Comics

In light of recent rumors suggesting that the Walmart-exclusive line of DC Comics 100-Page Giants could be nearing its end, Co-Publisher Dan Didio took to Facebook to address fan concerns:

“For those fans of the DC Giants at Walmart, have to clear up some misinformation making the rounds. Just want to let you know these books are doing well, so well that we are looking to expand the number of original pages in each book and include distribution to the direct market. Look for these and new titles later this year. The promise is to keep it one of the best values and reading experiences in the market.”

As you can see, DiDio’s statement not only (seemingly) puts to rest rumors of the line’s demise by announcing more titles still to come, but also takes on the frequent comics retailer complaint that none of the new material in the Walmart issues has been available via comic stores.

dan didio walmart

DC’s 100-Page Giants first appeared in Walmart stores last summer. Each $4.99 issue mixes new stories — such as Superman by Tom King and Andy Kubert; and Batman by Brian Michael Bendis and Nick Derington — with reprints of older DC material to round out the page count.

DiDio’s comments come in the wake of the news that DC Collectibles will be releasing a Batman Black and White figure line exclusively at Walmart.

dan didio walmart

Have you been one of the lucky fans to actually find the 100-pagers at your Walmart? Would you buy a collected edition via your comic store? Let us know in the comments!

Kevin Sharp
Kevin Sharp
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