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Tom King and Andy Kubert team up to bring a brand-new, multi-part Superman story within the pages of SUPERMAN 100-PAGE GIANT #3, out this weekend.Superman

Superman 100-Page Giant #3
‘Up In the Sky’ Part 1
Written by: Tom King
Art by: Andy Kubert
Inks by: Sandra Hope
Colors by: Brad Anderson

When a child is abducted by aliens from Gotham City, the Man of Steel must travel across the galaxy to save her!

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“Up in The Sky” is not a complicated Superman story or setup. Tom King, a writer whose stories are usually dense and thick, has taken it down a notch and written an easily accessible story that can be picked up by just about anyone. You will find many of the classic Man of Steel tropes present; everything from Perry White’s classic “Great Ceaser’s Ghost” catchphrase, to Clark and Pa Kent having a heart to heart on the farm. What elevates this story from mere filler and repetition is the affection and attention to detail that King always brings to his work; the flair in the dialog, the perfect use of a supporting cast, and of course the grounding of everything in simple and relatable emotions.

However, this is just part 1 of 12.  We readers have to wait and see if King is able to carry this narrative and mystery forward and tell a longer tale. But if his track record with long arcs is any indication, we should fine.



Andy Kubert is a legend. His work here is solid and rooted in a more classic, almost 90’s era DC style. It’s a look that fits the tone of the story. When you add in Sandra Hope’s inks and Brad Anderson’s colors, it becomes a total package. It’s the kind of comic book art that is easy to read, yet no less dynamic. It’s still great to look at, but the layouts and panels are ‘simple’ and easy to pick up for someone who may not have a veteran’s grasp of comic language and structure.Superman


The goal of these DC 100-Page Giants is to create new and easily accessible stories for the ‘casual’ comic book reader (among reprinted material). “Up In the Sky” succeeds there. It delivers a good story that will entertain hardcore DCU fans, as well as the average reader.

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review-king-kubert-superman-100-page-giant'Up In the Sky' succeeds in delivering a good Superman story that will entertain hardcore DCU fans, as well as the average reader.