Crone #5 was a beautifully written conclusion to a compelling series, one that is full of striking and evocative artwork.

CRONE #5 Concludes a Tale of Vengeance and Forgiveness

CRONE #5, out this Wednesday from Dark Horse Comics, concludes the thrilling and brutal tale of the one and only Bloody Bliss. This is an event that fans are not going to want to miss out on, as it satisfyingly wraps up the journey.

Crone #5 provides a breathtaking cover, one with iconic imagery to match Bliss’ quest.


Crone has been a bloody and alarming read from start to finish. It is the tale of Bloody Bliss – a warrior turned crone. She made her name a legend when she saved the people. Only it turns out that a hero’s job is never quite not.

That was certainly not the case for Bliss, who as an old crone waiting for death learned the truth of the world. It is once again torn apart by war and conquest – and she has been called upon to save the people. Again.

Crone #5 ends this journey, with Bloody Bliss once again taking up her mantle to save the day. It’s been a harrowing read, seeing her ups and downs. The world has come to life in this miniseries, as has her backstory and the pain it brings with it.


The Plot

Crone #5 was every bit the finale that fans deserved. Dennis Culver wrapped up the series alongside all of the loose threads, giving us a satisfyingly conclusion worth the wait. And yes, it is every bit as tense and emotional as you might have expected.

Following the conclusion of the last issue, it’s safe to say that the past month’s wait was a rough one. Last we saw, Bliss was falling to her presumed death, leading us wondering how on earth this series was going to wrap up.

This fifth issue took all of that anxiety and curiosity and used it well. The story told here was the perfect conclusion, in that it kept the promise to the readers, all while following its own path. This was not a predictable series by any means, and this issue stayed true to that.

While the core plot to this issue was well written, there are many other elements worth appreciating as well. The glimpses into the lore and legend of this world made it feel all the more real – while also leaving us hoping to see another series set in this world someday. The themes were familiar and thus carried weight, lending well to this wrap-up.


The Art

Crone #5 had some truly stunning artwork to support the plot. There were ethereal scenes bracketed by scenes of death and battle, yet the mixture worked exceptionally well in this series. This issue, in particular, seemed to go above and beyond in that sense, running with themes of life, death, forgiveness, and revenge. All of those elements have a strong visual component, and thus blended well with the core of the story itself.

The real shining example in this issue? Bliss’ transformation. It was both subtle and profound, a perfect portrayal of everything that she had gone through – and the mental state she had achieved before the story concluded.

Justin Greenwood was the lead artist for this issue, with Brad Simpson providing the colors, and Pat Brosseau doing the lettering. Together they made this thrilling series so much more.


In Conclusion

Crone #5 lived up to all of the promises made to the fans. All while delivering a conclusion that both Bliss and readers alike deserved. It was an ending that made thematic sense. Yet it has left us in hopes of one day seeing more from this world.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Crone #5 was a beautifully written conclusion to a compelling series, one that is full of striking and evocative artwork. CRONE #5 Concludes a Tale of Vengeance and Forgiveness