‘The Flash’ Carlos Valdes Would Like To See Mirror Master In Season 3

Carlos Valdes from ‘The Flash’ held court at MegaCon in Orlando Saturday. The actor talked about expectations and what villain he would like to see introduced in season three.

“I know for a fact that season three is going start in a very unexpected place. I think fans are going to be a little discombobulated, but the payoff is spectacular,” said Valdes.

“I have been vying for this since season one; I want to see Mirror Master. I feel like with Armen’s (Kevorkian) visual effects skills some magic could be done with Mirror Master. Like a multi-episode arch,” said Valdes.

Mirror Master The Flash

What new villains do you want to see in Season Three of ‘The Flash’?

Season Three of ‘The Flash’ returns to The CW this fall.

Monkeys Fighting Robots also chats with Valdes about muscial influences, the Cisco / Winn bromance, and who gets Cisco those great t-shirts (Threadless).

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