Captain Marvel #12 is a crazy introduction to Kelly Thompson's newest arc, it's bursting with action, a sick evil Carol Danvers design, and after reading it I'm trying very hard not to lose my head over it.

CAPTAIN MARVEL #12 Is The Darkest Timeline

Hitting stores near you this week from Marvel Comics, Captain Marvel #12 brings us into Kelly Thompson’s “The Last Avenger” arc with a POWERFUL introduction.

Fans have been wondering for a while what current Captain Marvel writer Kelly Thompson has had in store for us with this dark new Captain Marvel storyline she has been flooding her Twitter with as of late. Thompson pulls no punches with this issue, and suffice it to say, neither does Carol Danvers. This action-packed issue starts this story off by bringing us right into a showdown comic-book fans have been curious about for a while now — the half-Kree super warrior vs. the God of Thunder.

Catching Thor off guard is probably the smartest thing you can do… Although it’s still the best of a bad situation let’s be honest.

There’s very little one can say about this issue without giving anything away. Anyone keeping up with the news on this arc already knows, even based on the cover alone, this is a story about Carol Danvers turning on and fighting her allies The Avengers, and doing so with a crazy new uniform that I can only describe as mephistophelian.

The art in this issue by Lee Garbett suits the direction and tone exceptionally well. Carol’s darkened outline and heavy shading around her eyes give her this absolutely sinister look to match her new design. It is accompanied by coloring from Tamra Bonvillain, adding this glow to the red Hala star on the face of the helmet giving it an eerie robotic-like quality that reminds me of Ultron’s face. All in all, a solid design choice.

This is my favorite panel in the whole issue. The design for Carol in this arc is really clean, the shadows on her face add a whole new layer to her expressions. She looks calm, focused, and determined, but still there she’s look angry, tired even.

Throughout the issue, letterer VC’s Clayton Cowles leaves Carol’s inner monologues scattered about giving us small looks and hints at what’s going on with her without giving us the full scope. Shedding some light on Carol’s dark actions but still leaving room for the reader to try to figure it out themselves. Overall the lettering is solid with all the necessary fight sound effects needed for a fight of this magnitude.

From start to finish, this fight is intense and will keep you flipping pages to see what’s next. It represents the fight between these two powerful super-beings very well with high-speed action constant changes in scenery. When all is said and done, it’s hard to imagine what will come next.

Captain Marvel #12 is a very easy comic to get lost in, but it will also fly by just as any good page-turner does. It’s an ambitious way to kick off the new story arc and show us what we’re looking toward in future issues. Despite the dark display, I do still believe in Carol Danvers and have faith that she’ll be making the right decision at the end of this all. As a Captain Marvel fan, I am very excited to see what else Thompson has in store for us in the future and recommend this issue all who follow Marvel Comics.

Do you think Carol can take on every Avenger? She certainly seems to be trying, let us know what you think in the comments!

Samuel Pratt
Samuel Pratt
A more recent interest in comics, Sam really got into the scene by keeping up with Spider-Gwen stories since her inception. Since then Sam has jumped into many different series that he has come to love. Lumberjanes, Giant Days, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Booms! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Captain Marvel, and other mainline Marvel series.
Captain Marvel #12 is a crazy introduction to Kelly Thompson's newest arc, it's bursting with action, a sick evil Carol Danvers design, and after reading it I'm trying very hard not to lose my head over it.CAPTAIN MARVEL #12 Is The Darkest Timeline