Steve Rogers Captain America #1 – Review (AKA They Did What?!??!)

The review of Captain America will be dealing with a major plot twist at the ending. So if you have not read the issue, read that first and then come back here. Because I’ve read that issue, and I’m not happy. Not in the least.

I’m never against a good twist to keep the reader interested in a character and their growth. Furthermore, I do try not to get on a soap box on a writer’s work, because I’ve had to deal with that tripe, and nothing boils a writer’s blood than someone who thinks they know how to make your story better.

But…this does not sit well with me.

I understand with many of the problems that have come with Captain America over the years, and there’s many valid points to be made. But the guy was one of my top heroes as a kid, and he still is as an adult. I see in him the potential of any and all of humanity to do good, regardless of who you are. And when you change the man himself, then you ruin what makes him stand out apart from the rest.

While some see Captain America as a jingoistic character, they fail to see him as a figure for everyone, the common person. The association with America is circumstantial, and in my opinion, should not be his defining trait. He is evolution of the good Samaritan, who just happens to have enhanced human abilities and a incredibly useful shield at his disposal.

Captain America
Credit: Marvel

So to have him be a hidden member of Hyrda for his entire career! Are you kidding me?!? This…I’m sorry, I’m having trouble digesting this and not wanting to punch something in the process. I want to have hope the writers are gonna have something to make this wrath go away. I really do. But I have a real fear this is going to be a lot worse before it gets any better.

To be fair, I know stories are written months before they wind up going to print. And I do feel that Marvel isn’t going to let this character’s legacy get butchered to death for a story line. But the pessimist in me is well convinced I’m not gonna enjoy the story’s turnout. I hate to think that it’s right.

Note: It has come to my attention that the writer, Nick Spencer, has been receiving death threats due to this ending. I want it known without a shadow of a doubt that it was never my intention to incite such a violent response, nor do I condone this action in any way, shape, or form. I sincerely, and humbly, apologize to Mr. Spencer for whatever influence I may have had in this, and beseech every reader of this article to not encourage this behavior any further. Thank you.

Seth Frederiksen
Seth Frederiksen
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