Planned Booster Gold Movie Won’t Exist In The DC Extended Universe

Like it or hate it the DC Extended Universe is bringing some of our favourite comic book characters together, but maybe not all of them. It has been known for some time that Arrow and The Flash producer Greg Berlanti is working on a Booster Gold movie for DC Comics, but according to Berlanti, the film will have no connection to the DCEU.

The producer told Vulture that his movie will have “no connective tissue” to the larger DC Universe. According to reports, Berlanti had been working on a Booster Gold television series, and when that fell apart he began work on a cinematic offering. This is a strange decision on Warner Bros. part. Not only is Booster Gold an interesting character for the DCEU, but has previously been teased in previous movies such as Man of Steel.

Booster Gold

While the decision is strange, it isn’t a huge surprise, Booster Gold is a much lighter, and more comedic character than the ones we have in the DC Extended Universe. Warner Bros. might be tempted by the opportunity to have a major universe while maintaining smaller offbeat franchisesIt is worth noting that while the movie isn’t connected now, Booster Gold  is still in its earliest stages, meaning Warner Bros. could add connections later in development.

Booster Gold is a time traveling superhero who uses his knowledge of the future to act as a modern-day hero. If the movie did connect to the DCEU it could definitely add some much-needed humour and add a new, unexplored element to what audiences have come to expect.

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