Bloodshot #8 returns the series after a long hiatus back into the action. One where the duty to press on and continue proves to be a burden despite being necessary.

BLOODSHOT #8: Showing The Scars Of The Hiatus Period

Bloodshot #8 out last week, is the return of Tim Seeley’s take on the Valiant Entertainment character with new artist Pedro Andreo, colorist Andrew Dalhouse, and letterer Dave Sharpe.


Bloodshot #8 returns the title after a long hiatus per COVID activities. Bloodshot’s nanites now power monstrosities the Black Bar group kept imprisoned after the Burned hijacked them.

Bloodshot #8 Jumping Back In

A lot of time seems to be passing between the last issue and Bloodshot #8. After the outbreak of experiments, Bloodshot and Eidolon are working with Black Bar to exterminate them. Because with Bloodshot’s nanites powering them, he’s the only weapon powerful enough to stop them. Which does not look easy as the Burned have found a way to weaken Bloodshot’s healing abilities. Not helping is how Black Bar leader Grayle is resolute in trying to keep Bloodshot contained like the experiments. This view on duty for a greater cause certainly weighs heavy on Bloodshot, who feels the agony of every being he kills through the nanites. All of it actually makes the Burned’s leader Nix all the more sympathetic despite being a terrorist.


Nix’s flashback at the beginning of Bloodshot #8 shows the darkness he went through as an MI6 agent. On where he was forced to kill a man on the orders of the man knowing too much. Only to later receive orders on killing the man’s family. Considering the Burned composes of spies thrown away by their governments, this makes Nix’s morals breaking all the more tragic. It’s also why his connection to Bloodshot feels so powerful as the character is well on his way to being thrown away once his usefulness ends. Not even Eidolon can protect him, as the end shows.

Art Shifts

Bloodshot #8 attraction

With Marc Laming and Jason Masters departing for some reason, Spanish artist Pedro Andreo illustrates Bloodshot #8. Andreo retains some of the cinematic styles but instead utilizes panels shifting based on the movement and posture of characters. This makes the movements more dynamic and tells different sides of a story. In a two-page spread, there is even a moment that freezes in time that perfectly displays Bloodshot. With Eidolon providing the descriptions, the moment perfectly encapsulates his general description while also showing the wounds he received the last issue. It shows that while Bloodshot is still the capable soldier willing to help others, he’s more vulnerable.

The colors by Andrew Dalhouse continue to tell the story with reds being the main means. In the beginning, the reader sees Nix in a flashback going through a traumatic event. His control over the numerous monstrosities through their glowing red eyes is a two-fold display; having gained control over Bloodshot’s nanites, which are a source of trauma for many, Nix is effectively weaponizing his and Bloodshot’s traumas.

The lettering by Dave Sharpe is efficient and accents conflicts in Bloodshot #8. The word balloons arrange in a way easy to follow and never interrupt the above displays. In fact, in just the double-spread, it’s what makes the image more eye-catching by guiding the reader through Bloodshot’s actions. It even describes Bloodshot and contrasts the terrorists he fights. The white wordmarks ensure whatever actions are seen with the most impact. The only trouble is how a colored caption shifts into a menacing word balloon with barely any subtlety.

Wait No Longer For Bloodshot #8

The world waited, and they might be rewarded with Bloodshot #8. A new artist might make this look strange in a trade, but it is one that will excite readers to get back into the series, especially since it’s about the scars that come from unfinished business.

What do you all think of this development? Too sudden a change? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Bloodshot #8 returns the series after a long hiatus back into the action. One where the duty to press on and continue proves to be a burden despite being necessary.BLOODSHOT #8: Showing The Scars Of The Hiatus Period