Tobermory Brewing Company: Sailor’s Delight Raspberry Wheat

Another trip to Tobermory means another trip to Tobermory Brewing Company to refill my growler and howler with tasty beer. I was one of many who drove to the northern-most point of the Bruce Peninsula last weekend. The bartender told me, while I was waiting for my refills, that it was their busiest weekend ever. I like to think that’s because my review of Tobermory Brewing’s Tilted Windmill IPA, but it might be a coincidence. With a kitchen and dining room, Tobermory Brewing continues to offer a variety of tasty dishes that complement their brews. Unfortunately, I wanted to beat the Civic Holiday traffic so I only had time to pick up my beer. I got a howler of their Sailor’s Delight Raspberry Wheat beer, and I wish it was larger.

Tobermory Brewing Company: Sailor’s Delight – First Sip

Sailor’s Delight pours a slightly cloudy pale red, almost orange, colour. A good layer of foam forms at the top of my glass but it disappears quickly. My howler is four days old now. But, having not opened it since I got it, I think it’s retained the majority of its carbonation.

Sailor’s Delight has a great aroma that reminds me of raspberry pie. Rather than relying on a high carbonation level to bring out its flavours, this brew allows its tart raspberry flavour, accented by its smell, to speak for itself. Unlike some other fruit-flavoured brews I’ve had, Sailor’s Delight doesn’t have a big sweet taste to it. This beer is sour off the top but finishes on a sweet note, like the underrated raspberry itself: this is a raspberry beer for people who like the taste of raspberries, not raspberry-flavoured sugar. Sailor’s Delight’s tart flavour mixed with its low carbonation level gives it a unique mouthfeel that’s similar to eating a handful of raspberries.


Tobermory Brewing Company: Sailor’s Delight – Last Sip

I can see how someone drinking a lot of this beer might become put off by its strong aroma. Into my second pint I started to feel like I was drinking perfume, albeit a very tasty and well-balanced perfume. Sailor’s Delight comes in at a reasonable 4.9% ABV, and, although it’s not a light beer, it’s a beer you can drink a couple of. As I said earlier, mine came from a four-day old howler, so it’s possible that it’s even better from the tap. Unfortunately, like Tobermory Brewing’s other beers, Sailor’s Delight is only available at the brewery.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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