A very tasty beer for hops lovers ... like me! A great colour and a sweet and bitter flavour make this brew a great pick for anyone who likes bold beers.



Tobermory Brewing Company: Rattlesnake Rye PA – A Rye Review

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I’ve previously reviewed three other brews from Tobermory Brewing Company so I won’t waste too much time in describing the brewery. Check out my previous reviews for more information on this popular brewing company on the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. And, though I make a point of stopping by the Tobermory Brewing Company every time I’m in Tobermory, I’m always able to find a new brew to fill my growler and howler with. This time, I got a howler of Tobermory Brewing’s Rattlesnake Rye PA along with a growler of their blonde.

Unfortunately, the contents of my growler disappeared quickly upon arriving at my family’s cottage. This is a relatively a common occurrence on the May 24 long weekend. So, instead of reviewing both, I’ll have to make do with reviewing only Rattlesnake Rye PA, not for the faint of hops.

Tobermory Brewing Company: Rattlesnake Rye PA – First Sip

Rattlesnake pours an amber colour with very little foam. I notice a sweet malty aroma as I take my first sip. This beer isn’t overpoweringly bitter, but the rye flavour definitely ratchets up the bitterness of its hops. Although Rattlesnake’s initial flavour is semi-sweet, its bitter aftertaste is quick to follow and gives this beer a nice mouthwatering finish. I’m drinking this beer out of a day-old howler, and its mouthfeel is probably quite different when fresh. But from a day-old howler, Rattlesnake has a low carbonation level and a thin consistency. These combine to make it a bitter but smooth beer to drink.

Tobermory Brewing Company: Rattlesnake Rye PA – Last Sip

I don’t know why anyone would ever think of drinking straight from a 32-oz. howler, but in case you are thinking about it, don’t. Although its aroma isn’t strong, it’s pleasing and not to be missed. Also, this brew’s amber colour matches its flavour well, so it shouldn’t be hidden inside a brown bottle.

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With a 6% ABV rating, beer enthusiasts should avoid drinking a whole howler in one sitting so make sure you have some fellow hops lovers to share this with.

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