Tobermory Brewing Company: Dark Skies Black IPA – A Dusky Review

Another trip to Manitoulin Island for me means another stop at Tobermory Brewing Company. I’ve already enjoyed reviewing two other beers from Tobermory Brewing Company, their Sailor’s Delight Raspberry Wheat Ale and their Tilted Windmill IPA. But, I can’t resist new flavours, so how could I say no to Tobermory Brewing Company’s Dark Skies Black IPA? Well, I couldn’t! I stopped by the brewery, before boarding the Chi-Cheemaun, and picked up a 32-oz howler of the stuff. Here’s what I thought …

Tobermory Brewing Company: Dark Skies Black IPA – First Sip

Dark Skies Black IPA pours a dark, almost black, brown with about a half an inch of foam. I smell caramel and molasses as I take my first gulp. This brew has very noticeable toasty malt flavours off the top that fade to a semi-bitter finish. This brew’s thin mouthfeel surprises me. I generally expect a bit more heft to such a dark beer, but Dark Skies Black IPA has a watery quality to it that evens it out.

Tobermory Brewing Company: Dark Skies Black IPA – Last Sip

I must admit, I expected a slightly different brew when I picked this out. Not that this is a bad beer, it’s just not the thick, heavy brew I planned to drink. At 5.5% ABV, though, this isn’t a light beer by any stretch of the imagination.

I’ll say that this is one dark beer that probably won’t offend the taste-buds of a lager lover. Although I can’t promise that a lager lover will like this beer, it’s a good one to try if you’re thinking of branching out. If you’re looking for a beer with an unmistakable hop presence, though, I suggest going for Tobermory Brewing Company’s Tilted Windmill IPA. It has more of that jaw-clenching bitterness that make IPA’s so good.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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