This is a great inoffensive brew! Perfect for parties and barbecues, the only (off-base) complaint you might get is that it's not strong enough.



Lost Craft Beer: Revivale Lagered Ale – A Temporarily Mislaid Review

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Lost Craft Beer is the product of, among other things, a European beer tour and a lifelong desire to brew. Shehan De Silva founded Lost Craft Beer with brewmaster Jamie Mistry after touring Europe and researching centuries-old brewing techniques. This Toronto-based brewery describes their brewing philosophy as thinking globally but drinking locally. Lost Craft currently has three brews on offer, Revivale, Crimzen, and Sirius. I was lucky enough to find a tall can of Lost Craft’s Revivale Lagered Ale recently, and, never one to miss trying a new beer, I bought it and left it in my fridge for a week. Luckily beer takes more than a week to go bad. But either way, what once was lost now is found so let’s start sipping.

Lost Craft Beer: Revivale Lagered Ale – First Sip

Revivale Lagered Ale pours a pale yellow colour with lots of foam that, like other German-style brews, creates a convex layer at the top of my pint glass. I notice a sweet, grainy aroma as I take my first sip. Revivale is quite evenly flavoured, but it does have a watery honey quality to it. A very smooth-drinking brew, essentially a kolsch, Revivale finishes with a very subtle nod to bitterness. This beer is relatively fizzy, but, maybe because of its honey-like flavour, Revivale’s mouthfeel tends toward crisp and watery rather than fizzy.

Lost Craft Beer: Revivale Lagered Ale – Last Sip

Since this brew is essentially a kolsch, I should probably be drinking from a stange, but it’s quite drinkable whatever glassware one uses. And, with a 4.8% ABV rating, this easy-drinking brew is right about where you’d expect.

Although I’m a regular IPA drinker, I appreciate that Lost Craft Beer takes a subtle approach to brewing rather than brewing the hoppiest and most alcoholic beer on the market. This beer is gimmick free, aside from the name, so grab some and appreciate its subtle flavour and global appeal.

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