Lion Grass Ale from Highlander Brew Co: An “I A’int Lion” Review

Highlander Brew Company hails from South River. And, like their website says, this makes theirs one of the most northern craft breweries in Ontario. Although, Manitoulin Brewing Company and Split Rail Brewing Company are both contenders for that title. Highlander Brew Company has been around since 2009 when they launched their Scottish Ale. But, since I’ve already reviewed a Scottish ale, I decided to try something new. I picked up a couple of 650 mL bottles of Highlander’s Lion Grass Ale at my local LCBO. Here’s what I thought …

Lion Grass Ale – First Sip

Lion Grass Ale pours a transparent gold with a respectable layer of head. I smell lemon as I take my first gulp. I notice lots of grainy flavour upfront that fades to a very subtle aftertaste with notes of citrus and coffee. Lion Grass Ale’s relatively high level of carbonation helps promote its complex flavour by providing a vehicle for hops in this otherwise malty beer.

Lion Grass Ale – Last Sip

There’s a mead-like quality to this beer. Its sweetness is complex rather than overpowering though, so don’t be scared off by the large bottles Lion Grass comes in. Remember, though, that at 5.4% ABV this beer isn’t messing around. At 650 mL, each bottle is over a pint so I recommend sharing this tasty brew with a friend or two.


As usual, I recommend drinking Lion Grass Ale from a pint glass rather than straight from the bottle. Its aroma and great colour deserve to be enjoyed when you drink it. Lion Grass pairs really well with barbecue, especially chicken, but it’s also good alongside a salad. I suggest pairing this brew with something tart tasting. Its relatively sweet flavour contrasts well with, say, a balsamic vinaigrette. That said, it would also go well with a burger. This is one of those catch-all ales that pair well with just about anything.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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