May 24 Beer Review: Dead Elephant IPA – Railway City Brewing Co.

Canadians everywhere have been planning their cottage getaways for months now. Yes, the unofficial start of summer in Canada is upon us: May 24 (AKA Victoria Day Weekend)! And, in celebration of this much-anticipated Canadian holiday, I’ve written up a very special May 24 Beer Review to give you some ideas when you’re trying to figure out which craft beer to buy for your picky relatives. One surefire hit for anyone who likes IPA’s is Railway City Brewing Co.‘s Dead Elephant IPA.

May 24 Beer Review: Dead Elephant IPA – The Brewery

Railway City Brewing Co.’s website doesn’t offer much information about its history. Instead, it provides a relatively in-depth history lesson about St. Thomas, Ontario, the brewery’s hometown. Dead Elephant IPA is named for the world-famous elephant Jumbo who, again according to the brewery’s website, died in a train collision in St. Thomas. But enough about railway history and elephants, let’s talk about beer!

May 24 Beer Review: Dead Elephant IPA – First Sip

I notice a strong malty aroma that fades into a lemon peel smell as I take a swig of this golden beer. I taste under-ripe peach or nectarine. It has a sugary taste off the top that mellows into a strong and bitter aftertaste. With a low to mid-level of carbonation and a surprisingly smooth mouthfeel, this is a very drinkable May 24 beer.


May 24 Beer Review: Dead Elephant IPA – Last Sip

Dead Elephant IPA leaves some moderate lacing on the glass. For an IPA, Dead Elephant is very smooth. Don’t be fooled though, this is definitely a hop-forward beer; its bitter aftertaste and high alcohol content (6.5% ABV) are noticeable but because of its surprising smoothness Dead Elephant IPA almost drinks like a lager.

May 24 Beer Review: Dead Elephant IPA – Other Comments

This is a great IPA to serve to people who don’t yet understand just how tasty IPA’s are. Unlike some IPA’s that can get a bit overwhelming if you have more than a couple, Dead Elephant IPA is the type of beer you’re likely to accidentally have too many of after putting the dock in and getting into a fight with your relatives about whether or not BTO is overrated … or whatever you do on Victoria Day.

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