Collingwood Brewery: Vintage Ale – An Old Fashioned Review

I won’t go into detail here about The Collingwood Brewery: I already reviewed their Fireside Extra Special Bitter. Much like Collingwood Brewery’s ESB, their Vintage Ale is an award-winning Ontarian brew. Vintage Ale won Silver in the Honey Beer category at the 2016 Ontario Brewing Awards, behind Sleeman Honey Brown Lager.

Collingwood Brewery: Vintage Ale – First Sip

Collingwood Brewery’s Vintage Ale pours a cloudy golden colour. It has a good inch of foam at the top of the stemmed tulip glass that its can instructed me to drink this beer from. Specifically, I’m drinking this award-winning brew from an Éphémère glass that I haven’t had the opportunity to use for a long time.

Vintage Ale has a sweet smell that complements its malty, almost fruity taste. The bitterness of Vintage Ale’s Meaford-grown hops is understated. But, it’s still there, presenting more during the finish than it does upfront.

Vintage Ale’s moderate carbonation level and low viscosity level give it a mouthfeel that makes it surprisingly drinkable. Harvest ales and other seasonal brews often have thick mouthfeels, which this surprisingly strong 6.6% ABV brew avoids.

Collingwood Brewery: Vintage Ale – Last Sip

As with so many others, I entreat you to drink this beer from a glass, preferably the glass specified on the can. Its subtle aroma and thick layer of foam are best enjoyed this way. If you don’t have a stemmed tulip glass, try a flute rather than a standard pint glass. A pint glass will let the foam and aroma dissipate, whereas the tulip glass or flute will concentrate it.

Because of this brew’s malty taste, I suggest enjoying this beer with a savoury meal, like a steak and/or grilled vegetables. In terms of alcohol content, this is a beer that creeps up on you. With its surprisingly smooth taste and high alcohol content, it’s important to keep track of how many you’ve had.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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