Cameron’s Brewing Co: Captain’s Log Lager – A Commanding Review

With the recent casting announcements for Star Trek: Discovery, I have Star Trek on the brain. So, how could I resist picking up a Captain’s Log Lager from Cameron’s Brewing Co.? I previously reviewed Cameron’s Brewing Co.’s Ambear Red Ale, so check that review to find out what I thought of that brew and for some background information on the brewery.

Captain’s Log isn’t named for the familiar refrain in many Star Trek episodes. Instead, as Cameron’s website states, it’s named for the captains who would use Oakville’s first lighthouse to guide their nighttime voyages. Cameron’s website also instructs me to drink this brew either by a lake or after dark. And, although the nearest lake is over 20 km away, it is after dark. So, if the computer is recording, let’s see how this brew measures up …

Cameron’s Brewing Co.: Captain’s Log Lager – First Sip

Captain’s Log pours an exceptionally clear golden colour with barely any foam. Its relatively lively bubbles provide a steady source of fizz. But, they don’t gather around the rim of my standard pint glass. I get a whiff of grains, a classic lager aroma, as I take my first sip. This brew has a very clean taste. Its fizzy mouthfeel sets off its semi-sour flavour that becomes noticeable on the finish.


Cameron’s Brewing Co.: Captain’s Log Lager – Last Sip

At 5% ABV in 473 mL cans, this is a pretty standard lager. As a fan of bitter brews, this beer misses the mark a bit for me. If you prefer easy-drinking lagers, I know there are a lot of you, this is a good pick. And, because Captain’s Log doesn’t offer much in the way of an aroma, I see no problem with drinking this brew straight from the can. With its classic lager taste, Captain’s Log will go well with lots of dishes, especially all-time favourites like pizza and wings.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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