Ambear Red Ale From Cameron’s Brewing Co – A Very Bearable Review

Cameron’s Brewing Company launched its first brew in 1997, and since then has won several national and international brewing awards. Based in Oakville, Ontario this much-loved craft brewery has produced a few award-winning craft beers, including its winningest beer so far Ambear Red Ale, named for the American black bears that roam the countryside and campsites of Ontario. I picked a few tall cans of this complex brew up from my local LCBO in preparation for a birthday party … and made sure that no one else drank them.

Ambear Red Ale – First Sip

Ambear is a dark beer that’s reddish-brown in colour. I notice its rich malt flavour, common to other red beers, and taste dates fading to a burnt caramel flavour as I swish the brew around in my mouth. Ambear has a noticeably fizzy mouthfeel that strengthens its mouth-puckeringly hoppy finish.

Ambear Red Ale – Last Sip

Ambear Red Ale
Ambear Red Ale also goes great with fish!

Hop-forward? Malt-forward? I’d say it’s probably both but not an overpowering example of either. Having had a few inferior red beers in the past I’ve tended to stay away from them, but Ambear is good proof I’m a fool. It’s a red ale that’s full-bodied rather than strong flavoured like some others. Cameron’s website recommends you pair this tasty beer with red meats and spicy foods but you wouldn’t be wrong if you decided to pair it with just about any kind of pub food, spicy, deep-fried, or otherwise. I might also suggest having it with a bit of leftover birthday cake, which is what I’ve been doing.

Ambear Red Ale – Other Comments

So, I used to drink inferior red beer. What I didn’t say is that I used to drink it in order to pack in the most alcoholic punch per beer: red beers were always the most alcoholic (math + alcohol – steady cash flow = … beer?). Luckily for my liver, those hazy halcyon days of my youth are behind me. I now tend to enjoy beer responsibly, so it’s a welcome surprise that this flavourful red ale comes in at a modest, especially for a red, 5% ABV.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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