Grindstone Amber Ale from Broadhead Brewing Co. – A Broad Review

Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is home to Canada’s House of Commons and Senate. It’s also home to Broadhead Brewing Company. As Broadhead’s website describes, this microbrewery grew out of Josh Larocque and Shane Matte’s starry-eyed dream (consumption of home-made beer may have been involved). But, unlike most alcohol-fueled visions, Larocque and Matte’s proved not only financially feasible but also tasty. Their long-term goal of making a rap video yet unrealized, the bearded brewers will have to continue to slug it out, producing tasty brews for a few more years at least. Starting in a basement and expanding to a literally homemade brewery, Broadhead is the epitome of independence. I grabbed a couple tall cans of Broadhead’s Grindstone Amber Ale at my local liquor store. Here’s what I thought …

Grindstone Amber Ale – First Sip

Grindstone Amber Ale is a dark and cloudy beer. Pushing the limits of the word “amber” Grindstone is a semi-opaque brown. A delicate layer of head forms at the top of my glass as I pour, but it diffuses quickly. I smell lemon as I take my first swig of Grindstone, and taste lots of malty caramel flavour. Grindstone Amber Ale’s cans advertise a balanced bitter-sweet finish. Balanced is one word for it, I suppose, but I barely notice anything.

Grindstone Amber Ale – Last Sip

I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but I prefer this beer from the can. I find that when I drink Grindstone from a glass the lemony smell is overpowering: its strong lemon scent seems unnatural, and makes me think of a household cleaner. Instead, when I drink Grindstone from the can, its lemony aroma, acting as an enhancement of its flavour rather than as a smell, brings out the bitter-sweet finish I missed earlier when I drank it from a glass.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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