Black Oak Brewing Co: Nut Brown Ale – A Nutty Review

In the brewing game since 1999, Black Oak Brewing Company started out in Oakville but moved to Etobicoke nine years later. The Black Oak Brewing Company has an award-winning history. Among other honoured brews, Black Oak’s Nut Brown Ale, the beer I’m reviewing here, won Gold in the Brown Ale category at the 2013 Ontario Brewing Awards, Silver in the Dark Ale category at both the 2009 and 2012 Ontario Brewing Awards, People’s Choice at the 2011 Ontario Brewing Awards, and was named the Speaker’s Selection at the 2009 Ontario Legislature Awards. With a list of commendations this long, I feel honoured to be in its presence.

Now, if it please the brown ale, may I approach the pint glass?

Black Oak Brewing Company: Nut Brown Ale – First Sip

Nut Brown Ale pours a semi-transparent brown colour with about a 1/2 inch of tan foam at the top of my chilled pint glass. No surprise, I smell roasted nuts as I take my first sip. Nut Brown Ale’s smell goes well with its malty hazelnut flavour. Better than any roast you’re likely to have at Starbucks, this brew has a coffee porter-like quality. But, rather than the smooth and thick mouthfeel of a porter, this brown ale has a fizzy and watery mouthfeel.

Black Oak Brewing Company: Nut Brown Ale – Last Sip

Nut Brown Ale only achieves bitterness during the aftertaste. Not that this brew is sweet, but its nutty flavour highlights the malt rather than the hops. This is a great winter brew to have a few of. Nut Brown Ale is dark and nutty enough to provide that stick-to-your-ribs quality all good winter beers should have. But, it’s not so thick that it becomes undrinkable after having a couple. And, at 5% ABV in 473-mL cans, this brew doesn’t demand much of you alcoholically, so don’t feel restricted because of Nut Brown Ale’s complex taste.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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