Batgirl #41 brings Barbara Gordon a whole slew of challenges that she never expected to face. The story is getting more and more tense.

The Battle of Mantles in BATGIRL #41

BATGIRL #41, out this Wednesday from DC Comics, brings us back to the dramatic battle for Burnside. Batgirl is being forced to take on a foe she never expected, thanks to her Oracle persona gaining a life of her own.

Oracle is looking fierce on the cover of Batgirl #41.


There was a time when being the Oracle was the only way that Barbara Gordon could help her city. Those days are behind her now, but she certainly never saw this twist coming. The Oracle persona has come to life, and she resents being abandoned by the woman that made her.

A war of Burnside might sound a little extreme, but you must consider the reason that Oracle now lives again. This entire plot ties in with the Year of the Villain plot. And that means that there are darker forces at work here. And that is not a good thing for young Barbara.

Batgirl isn’t looking too good on this alternate cover of Batgirl #41.

Cecil Castellucci continues her run with Batgirl #41. It seems like each issue brings her two lives closer together. Barbara Gordon and Batgirl. How many people know the truth now? And how much longer can she keep it a secret?

Castellucci’s woven a complex tale here, all designed to trap Batgirl in a situation with no easy way out. Fans have little doubt that she’ll find a way (she always does) but we are left concerned about what the cost will end up being.

There are a lot of subtleties mixed into this issue, and thus there’s a lot of time fans could spend picking apart all of the details. It’s just further proof that Castellucci knows how to write a complicated plot arc.

One thing is certain: Oracle is going to push Batgirl farther than she’s ever gone before. After all, this is a villain that intimately knows how Batgirl thinks. And that means she’s going to have to think outside of the box in order to take Oracle down. That’s going to be easier said than done. And that means we’re going to be in for an interesting ride during the next few issues.


Batgirl #41 has some of the best artwork of the series, or at least it feels that way. Oracle’s technological effects are stunning, simply put. There’s evocative and sophisticated all in one. And they leave little doubt about her inorganic nature.

This issue also did an excellent job of showing off Batgirl’s struggles, while also giving some of the other characters a chance to shine. There are a lot of moving pieces on this board right now, and the artistic team hasn’t neglected any of them.

Carmine Di Giandomenico was the lead artist for this issue, providing some truly dramatic scenes. The introductory scene is probably the tensest, though the conclusion is a close second. Then there’s Jordie Bellaire, who provided the colors. And those colors are truly delightful. The series wouldn’t be the same without their touch. And finally, the lettering was provided by Andworld Design. And it’ll come as no surprise to hear that it was exceptionally done.

Batgirl #41 was a whirlwind of an issue, steadily upping the ante for what Batgirl must face. It’s up to her to save Burnside, though she has more enemies there than she would ever like to admit. Fans are once again left wondering how she’s going to find her way out of this dilemma. And what it’s going to cost her.

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Batgirl #41 brings Barbara Gordon a whole slew of challenges that she never expected to face. The story is getting more and more tense. The Battle of Mantles in BATGIRL #41