Catwoman #27 is a fast-paced issue, one that sets the scene while also providing a strong reminder of Catwoman's past. All in one. Complimented by creative artwork, it has a story worth telling.

Allies and Enemies in CATWOMAN #27

CATWOMAN #27, available Tuesday from DC Comics, continues Selina Kyle’s venture back into Allytown. She’s determined to bring back her reputation while chasing off the new enemies she’s made. Either would bring on plenty of complications on their own. But together?

Catwoman is looking strong and confident on this alternate cover of Catwoman #27.

Selina Kyle has some grand plans for Alleytown now that she’s back. She’s moved in, taken over one segment of the crime world – and has eyes on the rest. After all, this is Catwoman, so none of that is probably all that much of a surprise.

Yet somehow, Catwoman #27 is, in fact, setting up to reveal several surprises along the way. It is a plot that weaves in multiple events, such as those from the Joker War, as well as those of her solo series.

One step behind all of her moves.

The Writing

Catwoman #27 is an issue that is full to the brim of action – almost literally. It seems as if every page is filled with daring plots and schemes from the one and only Catwoman. She does have grand plans, and she doesn’t seem inclined to wait for them to come to fruition.

As such, Ram V had to condense many events and actions all into a single issue. It makes for an exceedingly fast read, but that doesn’t lessen the impact any. If anything, it is actually doing the opposite, as she seems to be making enemies faster than she’s losing them.

Interestingly, there do seem to be several layers hidden within this plot. It’s hard to see how it will all unravel – at least, for the moment. Yet some pieces are already falling into place, as enemies and allies make themselves known (to the readers, at least).

It is intriguing seeing Selina work here. The scheming, the back alley deals, the attacks, and the paybacks. It’s so easy to forget this side of her when she’s standing next to Batman, yet it is still very much a part of her.

Something that the series seems to want to remind everyone – characters and readers alike. This is likely the true reason for the fast-paced and action-packed read, even while it feels like it’s setting up for a larger conflict down the line.

Meanwhile, something is about to go down.

The Art

As mentioned above, Catwoman #27 is full of action. Be it a stealth mission or an all-out fight in the streets. It’s an issue showcasing the multiple styles and methods which Catwoman is using to get the job done. Happily enough, it also showcases the talent of the artistic team involved.

Fernando Blanco (art), FCO Plascencia (colors), and Tom Napolitano (letters) really had to go all out for this issue. There is hardly a single moment where Selina isn’t up to something. Even when sitting still, she’s got the presence of a cat ready to pounce.

One of the many highlights for this issue has to be the sense of movement – an important feature when cars and heists are involved. On a related note, this sometimes involved some creative use of negative space.

The result? Well, it leaves Catwoman looking like a badass once again. She’s rushing around the city almost like a madwoman, and it shows through clear as day thanks to the artwork.

So it begins.


Catwoman #27 is a fast-paced issue with a lot to tell – and even more to set up for. Selina struck off on her own with the intent of dealing with all of her new enemies. So far, she hasn’t taken down that many. But a conflict feels on the verge of occurring, thanks to the events of this issue.

Cat Wyatt
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Catwoman #27 is a fast-paced issue, one that sets the scene while also providing a strong reminder of Catwoman's past. All in one. Complimented by creative artwork, it has a story worth telling. Allies and Enemies in CATWOMAN #27