Advanced Review: ‘Eternal Empire’ #1: The ‘Alex + Ada’ Team Reunited!

Eternal Empire got my attention for one simple reason: the team that created Alex + Ada are behind it. If there ever was a team that’s earned a level of trust from me, Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn have got that trust. This is also a new genre from this team playing in the realm of fantasy. My interest is piqued and I’m game to see how this turns out. Heck, Alex + Ada is one of my favorite Image series. There is a level of excitement here mixed in with my genuine love for Luna and Vaughn’s last work. It’s a brand new experience from a creative team I love. Let’s do this. Let’s face it there’s only so much I can do to delay this one so on with the show. Time to venture forth into the new realm of Eternal Empire #1!

If Eternal Empire is even half as good as Alex + Ada we are in for a treat.

Eternal Empire #1 Cover

Starting off at the ground floor of anything is an exciting experience. When you’re experiencing something along with everyone else, it’s unique and cool to see develop. Eternal Empire from this first issue has that level of excitement to it. For one thing, Luna and Vaughn are developing a massive world in terms of Saia. From the beginning to the end of the issue, we get character work but a ton of world building. It’s a tough intro at first and honestly I do recommend being patient with it. This is an entirely different beast than Alex + Ada in terms of tone and everything else. At least from what I can see of this first issue, this can easily change as the series goes on. Yet from that intro, I can see a lot of potential.


For one thing our main character is only known as “Snow Hair” and we see her struggles as she deals working in Essla. She’s a great character though, and through her we see the world that Luna and Vaughn are crafting. We don’t really get a glimpse into the Eternal Empress wreaking havoc, but we know she’s powerful and not to be trifled with. It may not work for some but I like how Luna and Vaughn handled the Eternal Empress here. This is about “Snow Hair” and her journey, we only need to know the world at this stage. We’ll see and learn more together through her eyes down the line but for now, we have what we need. It does work as by the end of the issue and who she runs into, I can’t help but be intrigued as to what will happen to her next.

Eternal Empire #1 Logo

It’s a unique new series for sure. Eternal Empire takes all the right risks and they work in the series favor.

I do like how Jonathan Luna’s art and design of Eternal Empire is as detailed as the story itself. Let’s start with the logo and lettering, which deserves a lot of praise. I especially like the faded out letters as “Snow Hair” whispers to herself; that is a cool effect. Even better is the growling, loud, and powerful letters at the beginning of the book; that is cool as well. Even the logo has a great look to it. It almost looks like something you’d see on a family crest. It’s in the simple touches that you can’t help but pay attention to how much care is going into this. As much as I liked the art, I definitely noticed everything else in play here. It’s a detailed wonderland here and the scope of this is just as noticeable in the overall design of this series.

Now as for the art in this, it has an intimacy to it similar to Alex + Ada but there’s a twist to that. The best way I can describe this is this book is showing brilliant vistas and scope, while still keeping the reader engaged on “Snow Hair” herself. There’s a level of appreciation in how everyone from the workers to the guards has such a unique style to them. “Snow Hair” has a look that shows she’s just one of the workers, but it shows her difference and how much more weary she is. Then you notice the color effects, my goodness the color in this is beautiful. From how the fire looks to how snow falls, there is some serious detail work here and I like that. The craft in Eternal Empire shows from the ground up.

Eternal Empire is showing immense potential and it could easily become as beloved as Alex + Ada.

Eternal Empire is off to a strong start. There are emotional hooks and a world that can’t help but get more interesting as it develops. I’m intrigued and excited to see where this story goes from here. If you’re a fan of Alex + Ada, you need Eternal Empire in your life. If you’re not, I say give this comic a chance. Eternal Empire is going to be one series I follow excitedly month to month. Eternal Empire hits stores on May 3rd and I highly recommend grabbing it when it is released. This will be one amazing adventure.

Wesley Messer
Wesley Messer
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