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To all the fans of the Netflix original, animated series, Voltron: Legendary Defender, please listen carefully to the following announcement: Remember the message of this show and understand you have a right to be angry but you need to direct your anger appropriately. Lashing out in rage is not what this series has been about. If the staff is going to learn from there mistakes, so should you. For those who are unaware, let’s start with a little background.


Criticism For Season 7

Many complaints have come after the release of season 7. Hashtags such as #VoltronLegendaryDisappointment and #VoltronLegendaryQueerbaiting started to appear. It is the second which is the most disconcerting and needs to be addressed.

Queer Baiting is defined as “the practice to hint at, but then to not actually depict, a same-sex romantic relationship between characters in a work of fiction, mainly in film or television.”


After the announcement at SDCC fans were eager to see the relationship Shiro had with a character known as Adam before Shiro went into space. Unfortunately, the fans were let down. There was only a brief scene between Adam and Shiro together, and their relationship could have been view as good friends more than dating. The situation was made worse when Adam is shown to be one of the casualties in the fight against the Galra. The fans claim this act points to use of the trope, “Bury Your Gays” as a way of getting rid of the relationship without having to further address it.

It didn’t help one of the official Netflix tweeters seems to be “baiting” the fans as well.

The fans have become angry at the use of these tropes and expected more from the creators of the series. This is the source of their outrage. The following video helps to explain the situation a bit more and inspired the creation of this article.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O9xfp89QI0[/embedyt]

The Creators React

The creators behind the series were not blind to the anger of the fans. Joaquim Dos Santos executive producer of the show addressed many of the claims levied by the fans. In a letter, he expresses how the show never intended to bait anyone, mentioned Adam’s sacrifice, and expresses sympathy towards the fans being angry.

This helps to showcase the creators are not blind to the plight of the fans. Unfortunately, fans are often unaware of the damage they do.


Fan Rage

You may be wondering, “It’s just a couple of angry fans. Why are you trying to plead with them?” The need to address this recent backlash is in regards to the fans and how they decided to act on their anger. Their passion has resulted in some less than shining moments.

One fan went as far as blackmailing the studio. The individual posted confidential pictures of storyboards and character designs taken from a tour of the production company Studio Mir. The demands: To make Klance (the shipping name for Keith and Lance) canon in the show. Just a thought but blackmailing the production company probably won’t get you anything but a lawsuit.


The argument about Klance has even found a way to appear after a simple scene in Season 7 where Allura tells Lance “Be safe” and the two characters are blushing. It should be noted, just because two characters seem like they may get together doesn’t mean they will. They may try, much like Mako and Korra did in Avatar: Legend of Korra (another series by the showrunners) but they may find they are just not compatible individuals. There is no need to threaten the cast when it feels like your ship isn’t going to work. Before you ask, yes, real-world threats were sent to people associated with the show.

The stars of the show have felt the venom which is coming from the fandom in real life. The following is a tweet from Bex Taylor-Klaus, the voice of Pidge, showcasing the intensity which they have felt from the community.

This does not look well for anyone in the community. Actors shouldn’t live in fear of fans coming after them because they don’t enjoy how a show plays out.



The Plea

The insanity of this needs to be pointed out. This entire article is intended to implore civility from fans of an animated series which promotes messages of teamwork, friendship, and overcoming adversity. You shouldn’t harass the writers and staff because a show you enjoy doesn’t have characters you enjoy end up together. Spreading hatred and making others live in fear is the method of the Galra and not of those of the Voltron Coalition.

This article is not a defense of “Queer Baiting.” Far from it. It is instead a plea to the fans to keep his or her anger in check and not lash out destructively. This is not the final battle (season), and the show has much more to offer everyone. Shiro is still gay, a driving force for the team, and one of the most awesome characters to come out of science fiction in years. This is canon. There is another season to go and comic adventures to be had which could help to explore the relationship Adam and Shiro had, much like how the comics helped to expand on Korra and Asami’s relationship.

Avatar: Legend of Korra

Adam may be dead, but his legacy could affect Shiro and the audience moving forward and throughout time. After all, his sacrifice made a lasting impact on many viewers. Which seems to be exactly what the creators were hoping for in the long run.

To reiterate to all fans of Voltron: Legendary Defender: You a have a right to be angry but know the rage should not be used to lash out against others. The team has always tried their best to represent the joys of diversity in sexuality, gender, and multiculturalism, which exists in life. Mistakes were made with the unintentional “baiting,” and the creators apologized. The Netflix twitter account should probably do the same, but threats will not help them to realize their mistake any quicker. Those who are actually behind creating the show are going to try to learn from the errors and move forward. Will you?

What do you think about the claims levied against Voltron: Legendary Defender? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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Anthony is a geek through and through who still looks forward to new releases, sneak peeks, Giant Monsters, and robots of all shapes and sizes. He loves animation of all shapes and sizes. He has a distinct apprehension for trolling and clips shows. His books, The Handbook for Surviving A Giant Monster Attack and Santa Claus Conquers Manos: The Hands of Fate are available on Amazon.


  1. You are talking about gay relationships yes? Then you should be upset about all of the heterosexual relationships. Pulled from Netflix for what? Netflix has original shows with homosexuality in them. I feel bad that your children have a homophobic father.

  2. Keith and Shiro consider each other brothers there’s no way that would happen. unless they’re into incest ?

  3. I love klance and everything I was sad about Adam and his death, but I’m to go about threatening and hating on other relationships/ships because the one I like might not happen.

    Typo: But I’m not go to hate and threaten


  4. As a member of the LGBT community I completely agree with you. You put everything I was thinking into words. Sure, Adam could have been handled better, if only for writing purposes. He was not killed off because he was gay so it was not “Bury your gays.”

  5. By the Unholy Hosts of Hoggoth. This is why I stay away from “fan communities.” They are more viral then two out of three plagues. Out of all the paladins, Shiro is about the only one that we actually got any hint of past relationships from. Lance, Keith, Hunk and Katie we really know nothing about. But we get a tidbit of Shiro and holy hellfire, it’s not good enough, even though his is the only one we’ve seen.

    I come to Voltron for space adventure, comedy and now, thankfully due to the well written personalities, I come for the characters. Shiro’s relationship was handled like (hopefully) any other past one. Gave us a glimpse but was not the overriding focus of the character. Shiro is gay, but that isn’t what defines him. Let’s remember that this is a giant robot kids show, not The Coming Out of Shiro story.

  6. I have stopped watching this show because of that exact same thing. My will my kids watch it it’s sickening and doesn’t need to be in entertainment. I don’t care what you do in your bedroom keep it out of my view and my kids with you. I love the show up until season 7 now I hate it I will never watch it again and I hope it is pulled from Netflix and all syndication

  7. Joaqim Dos Santos’ statement can literally be summed up as, “We went into this knowing it would be gross and shitty and controversial, but we honestly hoped you’d focus more on the fact that we gave you one(1) queer in the show.” This isn’t just a Voltron problem. It’s an overarching problem in media in general, but the fact that Lauren Montgomery hyped this in front of as many people as she did at SDCC isn’t just wrong, it’s cruel and manipulative as fuck, especially for the young queer kids that watch this show. I don’t give a damn about my own feelings for the situation, because I’m old enough to have gotten over the bad representation a long time ago. I’m mad because there are kids watching this show who are being told that it doesn’t matter that we never seem to get a happy ending, and that we’re only included in media to be tokens at best. The fanbase deserves better, especially the ones young enough to still be coming into their identities.

    That being said, no, we shouldn’t be threatening the actors, but I’m also really fucking sick of being told how to feel and react to shit like this. We’re mad. We have every right to be mad. Don’t dismiss and diminish this because some of us have crossed a line.

  8. I have seen a lot of people cover it so I’m not gonna go into all the nitty gritty…. But I like many of you are aggravated by the laziness in writing in LGBTQ characters…. It’s funny how they brought up legend of Korra because they didn’t he same stupid thing. I have no problem with gay relationships I mean hell my favorite cartoon right now is Steven Universe…I just have a problem when it doesn’t fit the established writing…. Korra and asami didn’t feel natural because the writers made it seem that way with the characters leading up to it because Korra as a character was not ready for a relationship of any kind leading up to the final season and the whole thing with asami felt forced. The whole thing with Shiro and Adam I felt the same way…. If they wanted to do that you do it right or not at all… And that is why I feel they got that backlash…if you want to establish a relationship between two characters whether they be gay or straight you have to have a natural flow of events or it’s not gonna feel genuinely real it’s gonna feel like a cheap social political tactic….. Like having the token black guy in the fifties and sixties.

  9. Not gonna lie ,after watching season 7 ,i was quiet disappointed the the storystory of shiro and adam was gone ,and also the fact that klance ship has sunk ,but i guess it is kinda our fault in assuming things and shipping them ,soo yea I think season 7 was alright but my personal favorite would be season 6

  10. Jeez and I wonder why I don’t participate in fandoms. I actually liked season 7. But then I came in without expectations, didn’t pay attention to the news that Shiro was gay until the day i started watching. I am impressed with how they handled it for a family show. I am further impressed they went with Shiro as a gay man. Given that our normal gay characters tend to be a lot more effimenint. We actually have highly respected pilot/leader who is gay instead of the typical drama queen we’d normally get from Hollywood. Yes they could have done more with Adam, or show Shiro’s loss a bit better, but for once the gays got one of the better characters of a series. As for those wanting a Keith/Shiro romance, ewww. Shiro is in his mid 20s and Keith is in his mid teens, can anyone say statutory? It is also made very clear there is an age difference in season 1, and season 7 shows the age difference is more. Shiro and Keith have a older/younger brother relationship nothing more and it shouldn’t be anything more. People should stop reading into things that aren’t there, and be glad the LGBT community is given a hero, a leader, and someone everyone looks up to, instead of the butch lesbian or queen side kick we are normally given.

  11. Agree 100%. For me season 7 was easily the worse of the whole series. It was unbalanced and extremely repetative. Nevermind the weak writing that would ignore the fact that 1. The paladains are far more experienced at fighting the Galra than anyone on earth, yet they were constantly being checked on how those on earth knew how to handle the situation. 2. The lions are more than capable of destdoying ships on their own nevermind when Voltron is formed. Yet in the last 4 episodes of the season the Voltron lions were ineffective as hell. 3. The F’ing Atlas! So I`m to believe that it is powered by the remnants of the catsle of lions and all of the compressed quintesssince from the Voltron vs Lotor battle. Yet it cant simply fire multiple barrages at the Galra ships? They showed from the moment it fired the first shot that it easily had the power for ONE cannon to take out a galra cruiser. Yet for the rest of the show its litterally a lame duck. Nevermind the whole ‘we cant get to the generals ship because its too far’ (just shoot at it) but its close enough for Shiro to do a space walk to it?!?! GTFOH!?

    Im not even gonna comment on the stupid flying super guns, that were nearly invincable, till they weren’t….or the senseless appearence of the Robeast, or how the Atlas just suddenly turns out to be a super mech that makes Voltron look like sh#t….yet is also totaly useless.

    In light of the sudden turn to ridiculousness in the 2nd half of season 7, I could give a damn about some subliminal hints about Shiro being gay, or the mentaly stunted social avengers who are butt-hurt about how it was handled.

    Maybe if they focused on writing a good sci-fi animated show, instead of giving nods to dumb-ass social agendas, they would’ve actually made something worth watching. As for me; season 7 pretty much killed it for me. I will not be watching anymore.

  12. The person who made the threats to the studio was later revealed to be a Sheith (Shiro/Keith) shipper who was trying to make Klancers look bad. They admitted this themselves. I don’t care what is or isn’t canon, and I never have, because as a gay trans guy, I go into media expecting to be sorely disappointed where representation is concerned–but please do more than skim if you’re going to bring a topic up in an article.

    I can’t blame you for your irritation with fandom, but we’re tired. This wouldn’t be as big a deal if they hadn’t just made such a huge deal of Adam being Shiro’s signifigant other at SDCC, only ti kill him off a little over a week later. I’m tired of being promised rep only to have it snatched out from under me, but the issue isn’t just that Adam is dead. It’s that Shiro, who was engaged to this man, didn’t even get to cry over it.

    I know how a leader mourns. I know how a lover mourns. Leaders cry. Lovers cry. Not even allowing Shiro grief feels like a slap in the face.

    …but I’ve gotten on a tangent, and I apologize. Please do further research into your points in the future, in particular if they’re going to otherwise incorrectly scold an entire group of people who are innocent.

  13. I haven’t seen season 7 yet, but I’ve seen all the articles informing (warning) about the revelations to come about SHIRO. I love the new series almost as much as I loved the original. Maybe ever more. I’m only into season 3 and am already in love with the art, cast, story, music and direction, design, EVERYTHING! Finally learning that PIDGE is actually a girl (cuz in the 80’s we always wondered even though it wasn’t a thing really to wonder about in those days) was already a trip. A welcome trip. But it was also a statement that DREAMWORKS, like the VOLTRON crew itself, is a dynamic force of the modem and future era. Diversity is the norm. Not a gimmick.
    High 5 to DOS SANTOS and crew!

    I think, to that degree, that all the anger and threats towards the studio and cast is unfortunate though not really surprising. It’s like rioting after a ball game.
    The fans are sometimes more fanatic than fan.

    But sometimes a good team reaches out to the fans and remind them to “be cool!”

    Your article and message was very cool. Very responsible.
    I hope it’s viral-ed. People need to be reminded to “be cool!” Even during disagreements. I think it will be cool if that sentiment becomes worldwide because of VOLTRON,
    …. Or this article/author.

    I’ll share it

  14. Good article, but already the crazies this article is about are commenting up a storm. Klance shippers are just butthurt. Could the creators have handled Adam and Shiro’s onscreen relationship better? Sure. Would it have been nice to learn a little more about Adam before he died to make his death more hard-hitting? Definitely. It wasn’t handled as perfectly as some might have hoped, and obviously some people’s expectations were not met, but S7 was by no means as awful as they’re making it out to be. There was no burying of the gays here, as the world was ending and evil aliens don’t care what your sexuality is when they’re trying to eradicate your species. Gay people die because of things not related to LGBT issues. They die in car crashes, of cancer, of other freak accidents. That’s life. They didn’t kill of Adam to get rid of LGBT rep, he died realistically because he was a soldier fighting in a war. People who are anti-Sheith are just mad that Shiro doesn’t have a viable love interest other than Keith anymore, and it’s quite obvious that Sheith is being set up here (it has been since like S2 but most Klancers are blind to the obvious clues and parallels that have been in literally every season since then) and the only reason you could not see it is willful ignorance. Shiro is our LGBT rep, not Adam and Shiro as a couple. That’s how it was always going to be, and fans need to get over it. We were told before the season came out that we wouldn’t see much of Adam, so honestly I don’t get why fans were so upset? You want a full on gay relationship as rep? It’ll be Sheith, not Klance, and if you still cry queerbaiting after that happens then you’re no LGBT ally. You’re just a whiny shipper mad that your fetishized, baseless ship didn’t become canon and a healthy, beautiful ship with loads of canon build-up did. Besides, it shouldn’t matter??! No matter what does or doesn’t become canon, you can still ship what you want? Appreciate the awesome rep we’re getting (if you refuse just because it’s not what you wanted, then I’m sorry-not really-but that’s borderline homophobic and you don’t deserve this awesome show we’ve been given) and just be happy the show and the characters that make up your ship exist in the first place. And for the love of all things good, @Klantis stop harassing and threatening the creators and cast. Again, they made your beloved ship. If it weren’t for them there would be no Klance. The show is still awesome, we still have LGBT rep, and will get more if Sheith becomes canon. There’s literally no reason to be mad unless you’re an immature gay fetishist.

    • LMAO IM ACTUALLY LAUGHING. You have to be delusional if you think a kids show is going to make shieth canon after they have made keith say “you’re my brother”. And calling klancers fetishists when the sheith fandom is made up of women that fetishize gay people and incest. Thats rich. Sheith is not “awesome rep”. It literally pushes the harmful stereotype that gay men are predatory. Sheithers are the ones who were celebrating a gay mans death because he was getting in the way of their disgusting ship. I honestly don’t know how disgusting people like you exist.

  15. To be honest. I thought it was kinda insane how bad people were getting with this stuff. I agree with just about everything that was said in the article and I hope some who were a part of all of this will take these pleas into consideration. I don’t really mind the shipping part, most of them are pretty cute, but it has gone a little too far with the blackmailing and other actions. The article was pretty much on point on the topic so really all I have to say is that I agreed with it.

  16. You know, Voltron fans & shippers are some of the most talented & creative artist you will ever meet in a fandom. Do you think that the fandom & shippers only consist of a few people who acted out? Is that how the fans are being profiled? The shippers too?
    Voltron shippers are a community of enthusiastic fans who support and love each other. If a shipper is sad, others will come & Talk & listen. Fans & shippers are valid & relevant. The artists & writers are not loud But they are a large part of the fandoms & Every season, I would see a plethora of artwork that would blow your mind.
    After this season, it’s dwindled, it’s sadly lost a lot of its spirit. I’m not upset at the show, I’m upset at how it hurt my fellow shippers, fans, artists & writers who are also LGBTQ+ & thought this show got them, really understood. The fans trusted them. But now it feels like the fans were just being patronized. They’re being treated with double wordplay & teases & false hopes. They’re hurt & there’s nothing we can do. All we could do is talk; all we could do is tell them that what they feel is VALID.

  17. I’ve been watching the show since the beginning, and really enjoyed it… up until Season 7. My complaint has nothing to do with the Shiro/Adam plot point. I just found myself BORED during Season 7, especially the second half. After six seasons of interesting characters and settings, we got stuck with several back-to-back episodes of generic “defend the earth” story. It felt like an entirely different (and much inferior) show, like a knock-off of Macross (which isn’t a great show either, but at least had a few interesting ideas thrown in).

    I’d also never engaged with or had any awareness of the fandom online, until I decided to look up the reaction to Season 7 to see if anyone else shared my feeling that something was “off” this time around. Instead I find people freaking out about gay representation (or inadequate achievement thereof) and see that I’m dealing with the sort of people who rant about their “ships” and “headcanon”…

    Pretty much all of my hobbies and interests are geeky, and I’d love to have people to share those with. But every time I’ve ever tried to look into the associated communities and cons… just so much cringe.

  18. Why cant people let fiction be fiction? And let the creators have their creative license? The rating of the show is TV 7 FV. Family viewing. Not tv 14 FV. I appreciate how they actually handled the presentation of the relationship. Do same sex relationships never have tragedy? This opens up more storylines for later development which is what the creators of this show do all the time. Considering the rating, I thought it was handled well.

  19. I have no idea why people are complaining about the relationship between shiro and Adam that is just racist/sexiest

  20. What an aggressively dishonest article. The only actual example of a threat you could come up with was the blackmail threat from several seasons ago, long before anyone had ever even heard of Adam? You’re going to cite Bex complaining that fans aren’t being “kind” without the context of her relentlessly insulting and invalidating those who were hurt by the baiting and the lies? Why? What purpose does it serve to do this? This is not some grand fandom-wide epidemic. This is a few morons making threats, and a lot of people latching onto them to try to shut up any negative feedback, and in the process making this fandom somehow look even worse than it actually is.

    Also, saying Adam’s sacrifice made a lasting impact on viewers is laughable. Yeah, it made a lasting impact, because they queerbaited with him and killed him. It sure wasn’t because of anything he actually did in the show, because he didn’t do anything. The fact that he made an impact for all the wrong reasons is not a defense of his role.

  21. I find Shieth awkward and I don’t support it because they’re like brothers. I was angry when they killed Adam because I saw it as a way to make Shieth happen. I’m glad my ship didn’t sail, but I wanted to like Adam. I wanted Shiro to be happy.

    I can fix some of it:change the break up scene to Adam saying he WILL wait. Add at least a hug. Then, if he dies at least we feel something. But yes, the longer Shiro of course was the one who lost someone and continues to be alone… It’s just… bleh. I was looking forward tk Shiro showing up and being all: Hey Adam. Look whose still around and I DESERVE BETTER THAN YOU.
    Anyway, all that incoherant rant above aside, this article 110%.

    I feel like season 7 was Hunk’s season sprinkled with disappointment for Shiro.

  22. If Adam been a woman there still would’ve been loads wrong with it. Why? How as Adam supposed to be the death that got to the audience? How? Did they write for him? No, one scene dumping Shiro isn’t enough to make an audience care about him. Taking all the issues about Queer Baiting/Bury Your Gays out of it… they didn’t write a character, his death meant nothing… the its war excuse only works if the audience feels that death and an audience doesn’t care about someone they don’t know.

    It’s a weak rationalization that this was death that was meant to show the effects of loss and war when the character wasn’t even written for. If you take away the entire Gay thing… Adam lifts right out of the narrative and nothing changes. NOTHING.

    Now let’s put it back in…

    Adam was a plot poin to say: Shiro is Gay

    Only: Never was it mentioned they were boyfriends. Never was it mentioned they were engaged. We have one scene and Adam walks out. his next scene is his death.

    Again: Why should the audience care?
    The only reason any one in the audience knows Adam matters is INTERVIEWS.
    They didn’t bother to make Adam real, Keith never meets him, we never see a scene wiht him and Sam Holt. We learn more about Lance’s sister Veronica and the cadets than anything we learn about Adam.

    The writers: He was our way to show Shiro is gay, he was a way to show the audience the impact of loss and sacrifice? HOW They didn’t EARN it. They gave Adam no care at all — and what does that say to gay kids watching the show, people who see themselves in characters like Adam and Shiro.

    And oh Shiro loses his ex, he loses someone important to him, Shiro, who has been through hell death and a million other tragedies, he is the one who loses someone but that’s the big way to show war has consequences — the character who lost the most, loses more — but oh He happens to be gay, tragedy always befalling the LGBT is another harmful trope.

    Sam Holt could’ve died.
    Veronica could have died — they did the whole fake out after all.
    Someone in Hunk’s family could’ve died.

    Adam could have been a real character and died (yeah they’d get the same flack they’re getting now but at least it’d be good writing.) More than one member of the team could have lost someone.

    But nope it was Shiro, the most put upon at all, because media is once again choosing the queer character to deal with the most trauma.

    Why didn’t anyone else lose anyone?

    Yeah, it’s war — but they took the easy way out, they chose the one character they didn’t bother to even make real to the audience. He just also happens to be gay — and wow does it all fit a million harmful tropes and queer baiting.

    It was bad writing and bad rep.

    So yeah, maybe all the reasons people are upset re the representation would be gone if Adam was Anne, but the fact would remain it was bad writing for Anne, because she would’ve been a non character, they didn’t bother to write for and how they expected anyone to be impacted by her death makes no sense because again why would we care — you could lift Anne out and nothing in the narrative would’ve changed.

  23. I think the creators made mistakes in their handling of Adam and his relationship with Shiro. I’m pleased they have acknowledged that they hurt people whether or not it was intentional. My one lingering concern is I don’t think they see how the only scene outside of Adam’s supposed “heroic sacrifice” undermined that supposed heroism through the words spoken by Adam in the argument. Having Adam tell Shiro point blank if he went on the Kerberos mission he shouldn’t expect him to be there when he gets back doesn’t make Adam’s death more profoundly tragic. It raises the question of whether his death was more an act of suicidal pettiness than heroism. Adam could have sought death out of spite. Too much not only of the relationship between Shiro and Adam, but of Adam himself was an exercise in telling rather than showing. Good storytelling is about showing not telling. I say that as a Shiro/Keith or Sheith shipper who had been afraid before the season started that the establishment of Shiro’s relationship with Adam might put a crimp in my enjoyment of my preferred ship. Instead I feel bad for Adam, Shiro, and everyone who had hoped for so much more than they actually got of Adam as a person and a partner to Shiro.

  24. Season seven was great. I just think the plot with Shiro and Adam was weak. I just think it was so immature and ridiculous that the fans would go as far as to threatened and blackmail the creators just because they won’t do the Klance pairing is just so ridiculous. I love Shiro, still do, even before he came out as gay. But seriously, this fandom needs to chill. We should all remember that we loved this show because of its characters and its storyline, not because of the ships. I just hope that once the eighth season comes out, we can all just chill out and see what happens, because seriously we’re WAY better than this.

  25. That blackmail thing happened SEASONS ago and has nothing at all to do with what is going on now. Most of the anger I saw was valid criticisms. Bex mentioned more than that but I was in her mentions at the time and saw no death threats on her twitter feed at the least, I may have missed them I I understand that… and if had seen them would have reported them. But no, most of the reaction while angry has been valid and spoke without threats and just passion. Why use something (the blackmail) that seasons ago and has absolutely NOTHING to do with now?

    Maybe people should be talking less abut how fans are expressing their age and focus on actually listening to good points people are making about WHY they are upset.

  26. Josh Keaton (voice of Shiro) made some very good points in a recent interview on Hypeable. (GO READ IT!)
    Adam’s death is a very real life scenario. Whether gay or straight, people have relationships that ultimately don’t work out. And also, as life moves on, having an ex pass away can and does happen to people! There is sorrow, there can be guilt or regret, but it’s all part of the human experience. If Adam had been a woman, this wouldn’t even be AS big of a deal. I am a member and advocate for the LGBTQ community. I feel the representation has been natural and realistic for the situation. Loved ones die in war. Not all relationships have happy endings. And most of the fans who are enraged don’t have the life experience to enlighten them to this very fact. This is where the problem lies: This technically a kids show, but there are a lot of emotions and scenarios that are very mature and apparently over their heads. The younger set just can’t understand that.

  27. It’s a cartoon. I grew up with voltron and watch this with my kids. It’s a cartoon. Studios mess up plots over and over. Just go watch the show Lost. That show left so many questions.

  28. I think part of the problem was the marketing. The PR team couldn’t resist waving around their progressive credentials before the series began. This clearly gave some people expectations of this being a major plot point. But I think the writers didn’t want a big romantic plot point for Shiro, and that’s fine, this is an action adventure not a melodrama. That doesn’t mean romance can’t be involved, but it doesn’t have to be a major part of the plot either. We’ve seen similarly throwaway characters in straight relationships.

    Personally, I think the way forward, to make representation like this seem everyday and not token, is not to make a big song and dance about it. We can find out in the show itself, they do not need to go around saying “X is gay! Look how diverse and representative we are!”. I think some people on the other side of the debate are just annoyed about all the virtue signalling rather than the actual sexuality of the character.

  29. It was blackmail to began with and doomed from the start. Letter to the rabid fans, blackmail doesn’t work and will backfire on you.

  30. I think everyone should stop, season 7 was great. Just because they didn’t get what they wanted and get mad about it shouldn’t matter. They made a great season with what’s going on in earth and how they are trying to stop the war. Ships are not important, story and plot are. Not saying I don’t like ships, you can ship in your own way just don’t get mad. I want everyone to stop otherwise it season 8 be like end of evangelion. I hope we can get a great ending for season 8, and I’m sad that it’s ending. I don’t want people to push it.

  31. Next season Shiro and Keith get together, Adam died to make Shiro realize he should hold on to Keith and never let go. It’s all very obvious, but for some reason people think Adam was supposed to go back to Shiro. Like no, it’s Keith and Shiro, it has always been Keith and Shiro, ya’ll just blind.

    • Oh the creators would TOTALLY make shieth canon after having keith say “you’re my brother”. Especially in a kids show. Maybe YOU’RE the blind one, lol.

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