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STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC ADVENTURES #1, available Wednesday from IDW, is the start of an all-new series of Star Wars adventures. All of which will be set in the era of the High Republic – a current favorite among fans.

A planet in need of evacuation – talk about high stakes.

The High Republic Adventures #1 is the first of a new series following Masters and Padawans alike in a tale welcoming to all ages. The fact that it’s set in the High Republic just makes it all the more exciting.

Collision Course is the first arc in this series, and it introduces a variety of characters. From those we know well (Master Yoda) to new younglings finding their way through life (Lula, Zeen). It’s already looking to be a high stakes adventure, which sounds about right!

Enter Lula Talisola, she’s a Padawan, and she has a secret…

The Writing

The High Republic Adventures #1 is this unique blend of thrilling adventures and comfortable storytelling that only Star Wars can manage. Even when portraying something so new and exciting – there’s something so relaxing about the idea of diving into a new adventure.

Written by Daniel Jose Older, this first issue wastes no time throwing readers and characters into the thick of things. In short order we’re introduced to two different sets of characters, as well as having a clear understanding of the stakes at hand.

The use of two different perspectives helped to speed things along quite a bit, naturally. It also helped to form a sense of kindred spirit, making what was an interesting story all the more compelling due to the potential that lay within.

The High Republic Adventures promised to be a series that any fan of any age can enjoy, and so far it’s proven to be truthful. While the main perspectives lean towards a younger range (read: young Padawans), there is still plenty for the adults out there to enjoy as well, even if it is simply the inclusion of some of their favorite characters.

Meanwhile, young Zeen on Trymant IV also has a secret.

The Art

The stylistic choices made for The High Republic Adventures #1 make it a truly standout visual experience. While the whole of the series resonates with that classical Star Wars look and style, it also showcases some unique styles and risks.

The lead artist, Harvey Tolibao (Magnus Arts), did a fantastic job of creating an entirely new set of characters – many of whom are not human. The variety is noted, and very much appreciated. Likewise, Tolibao portrayed younger versions of characters we know so well. And no, it doesn’t feel nearly as jarring as one might expect.

Rebecca Nalty’s colors are a highlight in my mind, as characters practically pop off the pages they are so vibrant. The backdrops and explosive elements also demand attention accordingly. Which admittedly helped to be a constant reminder of the danger they were all in.

The lettering, provided by Jake M. Wood, is the final touch for this issue. You can really feel the sense of balance that Lula was reaching for. While also seeing the rage and fear that coursed through those that stood opposite her. It’s impressively done.

The difference between Padawans and Masters.


The High Republic Adventures #1 held up to all the promises it made. Portraying a compelling and interesting start to this series. The fact that it can be appreciated by fans young and old is such a treasure. One that leaves room for new fans to find their way to the franchise.

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A New Beginning in THE HIGH REPUBLIC ADVENTURES #1The High Republic Adventures #1 is a solid start to this new series. One that showcases foundational characters as well as brand new ones, creating opportunities that fans new and old will hopefully appreciate. The artwork helps to further the feeling of individuality in this series.