Black Canary: Ignite is a fun peek into the backstory of the one and only Dinah Lance, full of bright artwork and characters.

A Glimpse Into Dinah’s Childhood in BLACK CANARY: IGNITE

BLACK CANARY: IGNITE 0 ut this Tuesday from DC Zoom, the graphic novel is a tell-all tale of a young Dinah Lance and her journey towards becoming a hero. Perfect for fans of the illustrious Black Canary, this graphic novel will fit all age brackets.

Dinah is rocking the punk rocker look on the cover of Black Canary: Ignite


Black Canary: Ignite is the latest in a round of graphic novels geared towards a younger audience. And like the rest in the series, this is the tale of a younger Dinah, before she had truly settled into her powers or her superhero persona.

As such, we get to see an entirely new side of Dinah Lance, aka Black Canary, in this novel. It’s an exciting take, naturally. And it provides a lot of insight for the trials and tribulations she faced, long before she gained control over her iconic power.

Nobody is surprised that Dinah was in a band as a teenager.

This was perhaps the most adorable and charming take ever on the Black Canary. But that is probably no surprise to fans of Meg Cabot, the author of this delightful tale. Black Canary: Ignite not only gave us a chance to see a different side of a beloved character, but it also gave us a desperately needed break from a barrage of the heavier comics out there.

This novel was light and cute and even enchanting at times. Full of teenage angst and girl power, it’s sure to be a hit with a younger audience, while being splendidly nostalgic for older readers tempted to pick it up.

Dinah Lance as a teenager, is everything a fan might expect. She was bursting to the brim with energy, sass, and teenage rebellion. Appropriately so, music is her life, as are her best friends (I wonder where they ended up?).

And that was all before the big reveal came into the mix: her mother used to be the Black Canary, and she’s who Dinah inherited her powers from. Unfortunately, nothing ever stays in the past in the world of superheroes. Thus an old antagonist is seeking revenge on Dinah’s mother, and they’re willing to pull Dinah into the mix.

These revelations may have felt like somewhat weird twists, but they fit in perfectly with the tone of the story. And best of all, the way this novel was written, it’ll be perfect for old fans, but best of all, it’s ideal for a newer and younger audience.

And there goes her iconic power.

Black Canary: Ignite had one highly talented artist working behind the scenes. Cara McGee was the illustrator and colorist for the entire graphic novel, giving the piece a cohesive feel. If you’ve seen any of the other works coming out of DC Zoom lately, you’ll notice that the artwork here fits right in with the rest of it.

The artwork is bubbly and bright, which is fitting, given the intended audience and the more luminous nature of the main character. But it also wasn’t afraid to show darker scenes, such as Dinah or her mother being attacked.

The highlight of the artwork in this graphic novel would have to be the way Dinah’s power was portrayed. Here was a wild form of her powers, still budding and entirely out of control. As such, it had a slightly different look than we’re used to – and that is precisely how it should have been.

Did she even take time before assuming who was to blame?

Black Canary: Ignite is quite possibly the most cheerful superhero origin story out there right now, and is perfect for any young girls looking to get into comics. Or for those of us who simply love Dinah, and will happily devour any story about her. No matter your motivation, this is one graphic novel you’re not going to want to miss out on.

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<em>Black Canary: Ignite</em> is a fun peek into the backstory of the one and only Dinah Lance, full of bright artwork and characters. A Glimpse Into Dinah's Childhood in BLACK CANARY: IGNITE