10 Historical Characters DC’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Should Meet

The CW announced in January, Legends of Tomorrow will eventually run into the DC Universe’s anti-hero cowboy Jonah Hex, which means it won’t be long before the team runs into more history-based characters.

Looking through DC’s vast mythology, there are many characters from different time-periods who would be perfect for the team to encounter on their journey through the ages.

1. Robin Hood



The prince of thieves has made many appearances over the years in DC comics. Often teaming up with and giving pointers to Green Arrow. Running into him would be entertaining enough but if Green Arrow’s actor Stephen Amell played him on a guest appearance it would be hilarious. The Atom and White Canary could keep making the joke “Doesn’t he remind you of someone?” the entire episode.

2. Ra’s Al Ghul

raz al ghul

Arrow already introduced and defeated this long time leader of the League of Assassins, but since he was granted a long life by the Lazarus pit, it would be easy to imagine the team meeting up with him sometime in the past. Maybe even before he becomes a killer and White Canary wonders the entire episode, “Should we kill him and prevent him from killing others?”

3. Sherlock Holmes


One of the greatest detectives of all time has made several appearances in the DC universe over the years. He’s run into many different characters including Batman and would take the team on a very interest mystery. The only problem is there is no Batman-like character on the team for him to play off.

4. Sergeant Rock


The original comic book (non-superhuman) soldier who debuted before both Nick Fury and G.I. Joe. The team gets stuck while chasing Victor Savage during World War II and run into the good Sergeant. The story would get even more interesting if he found a way to steal some of the equipment from the Waverider and try to use it to stop the Nazis, causing the team to have to stop him or risk altering the timeline.

5. Merlin


The wizard known for aiding King Arthur and his knights could easily appear if the team made a trip to Camelot. Also, thanks to his ties to the character, meeting Merlin could explain him popping up in either Flash or Arrow and lead into the introduction of Captain Marvel into the DC TV universe. His appearance could also introduce…

6. Etrigan the Demon


Merlin’s half brother who was bonded with the knight Jason Blood would be a perfect addition along with Merlin. His mythical origins would make him perfect to battle with Hawkgirl. Then thanks to his immortality, he later appears in an episode of Flash or Arrow down the line.

7. Wonder Woman


With news of Wonder Woman’s movie taking place during World War II as a pilot crashes onto her island home of Themyscrica, having an earlier introduction with a TV episode wouldn’t be half bad an idea. It would finally tie the movie universe into the TV ones. The major issue is Warner Bros. plans to keep the Cinematic Universe separate from the TV Universe. Oh well, still a good idea.

8. Kamandi the last Human


The last human alive after a great disaster which results in a future where the world is run by highly intelligent anthropomorphic animals could easily appear on the show. Given the fact the team already has to fix a mistake which could have resulted in a terrible future in just the Pilot, a mishap resulting in meeting Kamandi isn’t so unthinkable. The team would be faced with the conundrum of fixing the future and not wiping out Kamandi in the process.

9. Booster Gold

booster gold

The hero who does it all for fame and fortune would easily be able to make an appearance if the team takes a small trip into the future. If he did appear maybe Nathan Fillion can be called into to play him. The actor already said he would do it so why not give him a shot to portray the character on TV before giving him a full movie.

10. The Legion of Super Heroes


The superhero team from a distant future spotting an insanely high roster could easily make an appearance in the show. They could even show up in an effort to stop the team from continuing in their adventures because it’s affecting the future the Legion comes from. Complications would come from narrowing down which of the team’s long list of members would be able to show up.

Which of these characters would you like to make an appearance on this DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? Write a comment about it below.

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