‘X-Files’ Lone Gunmen Returning For 2016 Revival

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that ‘The X-Files’ will be adding three more fan favorite alums to the revival. The world’s most famous conspiracy theorists, who were believed to have died in the original series will be reprising their roles as Langley, Melvin and Byers who collectively make up ‘The Lone Gunmen’.  Richard-Ringo-Langley-the-lone-gunmen-8634973-227-279

This follows suit with the team bringing back William B. Davis to reprise his role of ‘Cigarette Smoking Man’ . The Lone Gunmen were so popular that they received their own spin-off (albeit short lived) series and all three were presumed to have been killed in season nine episode “Jump The Shark”. Their return in the revival systematically nullifies that notion and how they are brought back will be really interesting. Although it is fair to mention that they were revealed to have faked their death in the X-Files comics that followed the end of the original series.

Are you excited to see your favorite conspiracy theorists return to the series?

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Majeed Sayibu
Majeed Sayibu
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