WWE Money In The Bank Storylines – Reigns vs. Rollins

With a little over two weeks to go before WWE Money In The Bank, it’s a great opportunity to examine the storylines heading into the June pay-per-view.

In this edition, we’ll take a look at the World Heavyweight Title match between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

When Seth Rollins made his shocking return last month at WWE Extreme Rules and delivered a pedigree to Roman Reigns, we knew there’d be a confrontation the next night on Raw. Despite the cheers and positive interaction from the crowd, Rollins quickly re-established himself as a heel. Shane McMahon booked the title match for Money In The Bank and we finally had the feud we were supposed to have before Rollins injured his knee in November.


Seth Rollins Returns

Fast-forward to this past Monday on Raw, and Reigns and Rollins did very little to progress their storyline.

Seth Rollins’ new slogan is “Redesign. Rebuild. Reclaim.” He’ll get a chance to reclaim the title in a few weeks but to this point he hasn’t redesigned or rebuilt who he is. In fact, it’s more of the same act we got from him before his injury. Those “cowardly” tactics worked when he had The Authority backing him and it justified his unwillingness to confront his opponent before a PPV match without a surprise attack. But alone, and without the title he never lost, Rollins didn’t show the fire and intensity someone in his position should. WWE’s intention was to portray Rollins as someone playing mind games with Reigns but the segment fell flat. It was a missed opportunity on Monday to further elevate Rollins’ desire and obsession to reclaim the title at WWE Money In The Bank.

As for Roman Reigns, it was more of the same. What should be an angry and vengeful champion, is in turn a laid-back, nonchalant champion who continues to tell the WWE Universe what kind of “Guy” he is (Spoiler Alert: He’s THE Guy).

It’s not like Reigns isn’t capable of carrying a feud. When done right, Reigns can generate the type of reaction WWE is looking for.

With that said, Reigns and Rollins will get two more weeks to build their feud and the opportunity to confront one another in the ring. Seth Rollins is likely to have something up his sleeve and a surprise attack seems inevitable. Let’s hope it plays out better than it did this past Monday. And let’s hope it sparks a fire under Roman Reigns and it leads to a great culmination at WWE Money In The Bank.

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