WWE Meets ‘The Oscars’ With Wrestling Inspired Movie Posters

Academy Award Nominated Films Wrestle With The WWE!

Ahead of the 88th Academy Awards this Sunday,  WWE gives this year’s nominees the ‘Wrestlemania‘ treatment with brilliant movie posters inspired by wrestlers of the past & present! The results are hilarious homages to the best movies of year with wrestling references. With puns like DX-MachinaThe Kevinant, how could you go wrong?
Below are some of the best of the bunch!


-When you do a “job” in wrestling, you are basically there to make the other guy look good & eventually lose the match. In the late 90’s, there was a group of misfits named The J.O.B. squad filled with the best of the worst in the company. WWE gives the beloved group a shoutout with their parody of 2015’s ‘Steve Jobs.

(Photo: WWE)

Mean Dean: Lunatic Road
Dean Ambrose is known as The Lunatic within WWE. He has quite the aggressive side much like Max from 2015’s ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘. Also featured on the poster is ‘Diva’ Becky Lynch; the Irish born wrestler is as bad-ass as Fury Road’s leading lady Furiosa. 

(Photo: WWE)

The Monday Night Wars: The Franchise Awakens
-Inspired by 2015’s biggest film, The Monday Night Wars were a battle between two massive feuding empires; Vince McMahon’s WWF vs. Ted Turner’s WCW. ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is the most recent return to the Star Wars universe where two massive empires fight for dominance; the Jedi vs. The Sith. The poster features WCW’s Goldberg as a Jedi with The Undertaker obviously playing the role of a Sith lord. McMahon does have similarities to Snoke from Star Wars as well.

(Photo: WWE)

Check out the rest of the posters by clicking here & don’t forget to share your favorite wrestling inspired movie poster!

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