Clash Of Champions: 5 ‘OMG’ Moments From First Exclusive Raw PPV

Clash Of Champions Continues To Shape A Very Interesting Post-Draft Landscape For WWE.

The first PPV from the RAW brand after the WWE draft had some major hype. Not only were they bringing back the name of a classic WCW PPV but ‘Clash Of Champions’ also had an intriguing main event. This more focused approach WWE has taken allows for some more compelling story-telling. I’m impressed to see how well the build for Clash Of Champions was compared to previous PPVs.

Honorable ‘OMG’ Moment:

-This No Contest finish to Sheamus vs. Cesaro seems very transparent as a means to extend this rivalry. Already wrestling in a “Best Of 7” series, why make it 8?

5. The New Day Are Raw Tag Team Champs For 400 Days

Clash Of Champions
-Somehow the group who talk about “Booty-O’s” and make nerdy jokes has held the tag titles for 400 days. What can I say about The New Day that already hasn’t? It’s mind-blowing to see these amazing guys get this well-deserved recognition.

4. T.J. Perkins & Brian Kendrick Feud?! YES!

Clash Of Champions
-Brian Kendrick got this match by winning a fatal-four way this past Monday. The build towards Kendrick challenging T.J. Perkins for the new Cruiserweight title was weak. Looks like that will change as these two get to expand their feud.

3. Cesaro Is An Insane Man

-Not only did this Cesaro pull out a 6-1-9 during his match with Sheamus but he also nearly killed himself with this dive. Similar to the dive Lita did years ago, it was cringe-worthy to see Ceasro crumble like this.

2. Roman Reigns Wins The United States Championship

Clash Of Champions

-Looks like someone is out of the dog house. Roman Reigns & Rusev put on a hard-hitting match that got a bored crowd hot near the end. Reigns is still somewhat fresh off his suspension so a clean title win like this is truly “OMG” worthy.

1. Kevin Owens Retains The Universal Title

Clash Of Champions

-Can’t believe that Kevin Owens headlined a WWE PPV. The man was amazing before he grabbed the title but since becoming the second Universal champion, Owens has became even better. This title win only further cements how amazing he is. After an stellar match with Seth Rollins, where does Kevin Owens go from here?

What was the biggest “OMG” moment from Clash Of Champions?

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EJ Moreno
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