The current story of Wonder Woman isn't coming together as expected.

Review: Diana and Ares face off in WONDER WOMAN #60

Wonder Woman loses her ally in Ares!

Wonder Woman is looking for Steve Trevor in the midst of a civil war. Amongst the fighting, a reborn Ares goes on a crusade to bring his brand of justice to the world. Diana is a bit skeptical about this but allows him to help as a jet approaches. The pair can remove the missiles it was carrying, but Ares throws it into a village. With this mass killing, Wonder Woman attacks the God of War. Was Ares’ new goal of justice all a lie?

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Ares faces off against Diana, claiming his way is right. Wonder Woman retorts by explaining what Ares did to the village was not justice but revenge, something they have to be above. Before their fight can continue; however, the cries of a child distract them both. The pair works together to find a baby left alone in the rubble. This shakes Ares to his core, and he realizes his way doesn’t work after all. He decides it’s time for him to stop interfering and flies off. Meanwhile, Steve is being led along to meet the mythological creatures’ leader. It turns out Ares isn’t the only Greek god in this civil war as Aphrodite has appeared.


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Despite all the interesting pieces on the board, this story just doesn’t impress. The pacing is all over the place, going quickly during the fights but slow in the pity party of Ares. While I do like to see guilt building in the God of War, it doesn’t make for an exciting read. Even the action doesn’t feel exciting, and we see Wonder Woman redirect lightning! This story needs to pick up the pace and keep it if it wants readers hooked.


I don’t like this art. It doesn’t fit Wonder Woman or the story at all. It continues to look like Frank Miller’s Dark Knight universe. It has moments that look amazing, but the rest of the time it looks blocky and generally unrealistic. Now while I don’t expect realism in a fantasy comic, I expect it to give us something visual to connect with. This style of illustration is better suited for a surreal adventure in the Sandman universe. What else can be said other than I hope it changes soon.

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I can see the story’s pieces laid out and while good separately, they just can’t fit together. It’s a shame because I was really excited about this story and the talent behind it. While I am losing hope in the art team, I am clinging on to the belief the story will work in the end. As it stands, however, I cannot recommend picking up this issue.

Jose "Jody" Cardona
Jose "Jody" Cardona
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The current story of Wonder Woman isn't coming together as expected.Review: Diana and Ares face off in WONDER WOMAN #60