While the pace and art hinder the issue, the story is beginning to take an exciting shape.

Review: Diana and Ares Feud in WONDER WOMAN #59

Ares and Wonder Woman don’t see eye to eye after all!

Wonder Woman has a new ally, and it’s one she doesn’t expect. Ares has been reborn into our world with a new mindset. He wishes to the right all the injustices of the world and assists Diana. The first stop in his journey appears to be the country of Durovnia. There is a war going on, and a few mythical creatures have emerged with it. Steve Trevor goes missing amongst the fighting; Wonder Woman decides it’s time to step in. How will she react to the new God of War?

Wonder Woman 59 cover

**Some Spoilers Below**

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Wonder Woman is taken aback by the sudden appearance of Ares, but also his new goal of justice before she can ask more questions, a fighter jet approaches and fires a missile. Diana and Ares team up to stop it, but the God of War directs the weapon towards a village, killing everyone within. Wonder Woman scolds Ares, claiming he is just the same bloodthirsty monster she has always faced. He defends his actions, arguing she can be just as violent as he. In all the confusion of the battles, the mythological creatures that have stayed hidden relocate with others to meet their leader. Along with them as a hostage, however, is Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman 59 p1

The story is beginning to take shape, and it promises to be a good one. While the issue still feels slow, there is enough here for an interesting read. The back and forth between Ares and Wonder Woman made me a question to both sides regarding morals. While it’s obvious Ares is in the wrong, he does bring up a good point about Diana’s fighting habits.

The biggest problem, as I mentioned, is the pace. I want to see more action than diverting a missile. You have two of the greatest warriors in DC Comics, and all they did was push a rocket. This was just a stunt to show what Ares’ idea of Justice entails, but it was very underwhelming.

Wonder Woman 59 p2


The other part of the issue that was underwhelming continues to, unfortunately, be the art. Cary Nord has a unique art style, and while it produces interesting designs, it isn’t growing on me. There are many panels sprinkled throughout the comic that look more like Frank Miller’s Dark Knight: The Master Race than it does Wonder Woman. If any facet stands out, it would have to be the colorwork. There is a balance between being colorful enough to pop but subdued enough to be taken seriously, and that deserves commendation. That said, it’s not enough for me to get behind this issue. There will be some who will enjoy this art; I’m just not one of them.


It’s getting there. The pieces are coming together slowly, but I can see this Wonder Woman arc being a great one. I love the dynamic already building between Diana and Ares, but it needs to pick up the pace. Fix that, and we might get a fantastic story for Wonder Woman fans.

Jose "Jody" Cardona
Jose "Jody" Cardona
A New Jersey-born geek with a vast knowledge of DC Comics. He's a lover of movies, comics, stories, and hopes that one day he'll become a Jedi.
While the pace and art hinder the issue, the story is beginning to take an exciting shape.Review: Diana and Ares Feud in WONDER WOMAN #59