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This chapter of the recent Wonder Woman arc fails to impress regarding storytelling.

During the last issue of Wonder Woman, she had to take on Supergirl. As the Dark Gods (hinted at in Dark Nights: Metal) approach Earth, they’ve begun infecting its residents. As Wonder Woman takes down the hypnotized Supergirl, her brother Jason has learned of his armor’s power. Foreseeing the Dark Gods arrival, the Greek Pantheon creates the armor to help Jason combat them. As Jason goes to join his sister in battle, Wonder Woman is taken away by the Star Sapphires to assist them in space. This leaves Jason facing down the Dark Gods on his own. How is the inexperienced son of Zeus going to take down this powerful threat?wonder woman 48

**Some Spoilers Below**


After Wonder Woman is taken by the Star Sapphires, Jason prepares to take on the enemy. The Dark Gods burst from their statue forms and proceed to head out into the public to start killing civilians. Jason springs into action as he explains what he knows about each of the Dark Gods. Before it proves too much for him, Supergirl, who has been snapped out of her hypnosis, flies in to help.

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The biggest problem with this issue is how quickly things build up and or taken away. For example, we have ARGUS, Supergirl, and the Justice League coming in to help. Despite such heavy hitters, the leader of the Dark Gods defeats them all with one attack. If this were over the course of the issue, it would be tolerable. The Justice League is defeated within three pages of them first showing up. They didn’t even hit the Dark Gods before they were sent off to who knows where.

We do get a cool glimpse at the Dark Gods in action, with their less than spectacular names. Each one is unique and badass in action, but it makes you realize that this is all that the issue is used for. The story didn’t progress from the last issue. It only introduced the Dark Gods as we waited for Wonder Woman to return. While the Dark Gods were impressive, it wasn’t enough to justify stopping the story.


If there is always one thing you can count on for the Wonder Woman comics, it’s fantastic art. Jesus Merino is the illustrator of the issue, and he goes above and beyond. The highlight of the issue is the designs of the Dark Gods. They fit the theme that has been carried over from Dark Nights: Metal while maintaining that mythological feel. Their action scenes while fighting Jason pop off the page as well, thanks to Romulo Fajardo Jr.’s colorwork. The art team does a great job with every issue; it’s become its selling point.

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Despite the art team knocking it out of the park, this story arc of Wonder Woman is falling hard. The story has come to a halt, and we have two issues left. We’ve spent more time with Jason and his armor instead of the title character. The balance I mentioned in my previous review continues to skew towards Jason. Anything could happen in the next two issues, but right now, it’s looking like this arc is going to fall flat.

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wonder-woman-48-reviewThe Dark Gods Arc of Wonder Woman comes to a disappointing stop.